Tottenham willing to offer midfielder in part-exchange for Declan Rice – report

Tottenham willing to offer midfielder in part-exchange for Declan Rice – report



Tottenham are interested in signing West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice, and are willing to offer Eric Dier in a part-exchange deal to sign the Hammers star.

Rice, who was linked with Spurs’ London rivals Chelsea earlier this week, burst on the scene at the London Stadium at the beginning of the 2017-2018 and has gone on to make 90 Premier League appearances for West Ham.

The 21-year-old’s excellent form saw him earn international recognition, and Rice has gone on to win seven caps for England after switching his allegiance from the Republic of Ireland in early 2019.

And according to a report 90 min, the north London outfit are offering midfielder Dier as part of the deal to convince West Ham to let them bring Rice to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this summer.

Since undergoing surgery to remove his appendix back in December 2018, Dier has been unable to find his best form for Spurs, which also led to him losing his England place.

Having said that, we relayed a story last week that Tottenham had made a u-turn after some recent speculation linking the 26-year-old away from the club and were willing to offer Dier a fresh contract, so it’ll be worth keeping a close eye out to see how this pans out.


  1. West Ham will never sell Declan rice a future captain for West Ham to spurs.West Ham will not deal with levy due to his pathetic treatment with Adebayor! And West Ham fans loathe him and all about spurs⚒

  2. Absolute rubbish from K Martin.
    West Ham are a selling club and will always sell to the bigger clubs.
    If Declan Rice or any other decent player wants to leave, they will go regardless of what the fans want.
    Also, that rubbish about not dealing with Levy. I do remember recently West Ham signing Ryan Fredricks from Spurs.
    Spurs have always, and will always be bigger and better than West Ham. That is a fact.

  3. So spurs are a bigger club ? must have missed something ! Old story anyway -and hes not for sale. Swop with Kane maybe ? If he stays. Sorry but West Ham signed Fredericks from Fulham ! Oh dear.

    • Yes Spurs are a far bigger club.
      So far ahead in fact that you don’t even appear on our radar, but as you missed it here’s a run down.

      League titles Spurs 2 – WH 0
      FA Cups Spurs 8 – WH 3
      European trophies Spurs 3 – WH 1
      League Cups Spurs 4 – WH 0

      Last trophy won
      Spurs 2008 – WH 1980

      Seasons in the top flight of English football
      Spurs 85 – WH 62

      Consecutive season in the top flight
      Spurs 42 – WH 8

      Estimated UK support base
      Spurs 1.7 million – WH 750,000

      Stadium size
      Spurs 62,000 – WH 60,000

      • Not on radar but proceed to then state facts about what we’ve won comparative to yourselfs.

        Imagine even thinking we would swap Rice for Dier never mind writing an article about it.

        West ham have highest percentage of attendances in prem and the stadium capacity will be increased.

        It’s only a matter of time before athletics give up the stadium and we rip up the track and increase the capacity further.

        Not only that our academy has many coming through with world class potential and we are better placed than ever before to hold on to these players build and challenge for silverware.

        Dont sleep on us.

        • I pointed out those facts, because mojen seemed to be unaware that Spurs are a bigger club.
          So I gave him all the reasons why Spurs are far beyond WH in every way.

          As for percentage of attendances, that’s an impossible one to work out with Spurs, as they count match day attendances differently from every other club in the league.
          Spurs only count those who actually attend games, not ticket sales, while every other team counts tickets sales as attendance.
          That’s why for instance woolwich always sellout, yet there are 5,000 empty seats at most games.
          While Spurs also sellout, but the attendance will only show 59-60,000 per match, as 2,000+ corporate types don’t bother going to half the matches.

          Your other points don’t change the fact that your club is smaller in every way.
          Sure you might rip up the running track, your academy might produce a golden generation, you might challenge for silverware, but you doing those things right now are you.

          For the record I agree Rice is a better player than Dier and and only a fool would swap one for the other, but then I also don’t think Rice is at the level Spurs should be considering either.
          He’s solid, but not spectacular.

    • Would be one selling club to another spuds fans delusional as ever Jose doing a good job continuing your decline back to where you have always been you couldn’t afford rice the cupboards bare after Kane leaves this time the money will not be spent on players will go to repaying the stadium

  4. All this talk of who is the bigger club is bollocks. Spurs and West Ham are both huge under achievers over the past 30 years. West Ham have never been in the top three London clubs if you look at trophies won but that is what makes our level of support so impressive. We are a sleeping giant. One day.
    Spurs however many times they look as though they have turned the corner always fall short. Great stadium, top players, but they never quite get there do they.


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