Former Southampton striker Matthew Le Tissier has opened on how close he once came to signing for Tottenham.

Le Tissier, who admitted that he was a Spurs fan as a kid, ended up staying with the Saints for the whole of his career, despite often being linked with some of England’s best clubs.

One of those was Tottenham.

Not long after winning PFA Young Player of the Year in 1989-1990, the 51-year-old had the opportunity to sign for Spurs – and although said he was tempted to possibly enhance his chances of playing more for England, he decided against it.

You can see Le Tissier tell the story below. 



  1. Can anybody explain to me why Daniel Levy brought in Mourinho to replace Pocc?
    Whether he is a spent force or a has been is not the question here; Levy is paying top money for one of If not to most successful manager so far this century.He is paying him a fortune in wages.
    Why do so if he is not prepared to back him up to a point?Surely bringing in Pardew or Allardyce instead for a lot lower wage would seem to have been the more logical option for Levy.
    I don’t believe 98% of what I read in this garbage press and the story that Mourinho must sell Lamela before bringing in Willian on a free,beggars belief.Surely this cannot have any semblance of truth???….
    Still, can any Spurs fans out there explain why Mourinho was brought in?I am not saying it was not a good decision but one that doesn’t make sense if the man is not going to be backed to a certain extent by the owners.


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