Danny Murphy has told Gareth Bale to re-sign for Tottenham – in a deal that would benefit both parties, according to the former Spurs midfielder.

Bale left Tottenham for Madrid in the summer of 2013 and has gone on to win two La Liga titles, four Champions Leagues and a host of other domestic trophies.

However, the Welshman has endured a difficult last few months in the Spanish capital, making just two appearances post-lockdown – with his troubled relationship with Zinedine Zidane well-published, making a summer move away from the Bernabeu extremely likely.

And Murphy, who played for Spurs between 2006 and 2008, reckons now is the right time for Bale to return to north London – in what he describes would be a huge boost for Jose Mourinho’s side.

Watch everything Murphy told talkSPORT below.



  1. Really can’t for the life of me understand why pundits persevere with these pathetic quotes linking Spurs to every Tom,Dick or Harry when it is crystal clear that they will not be moving to buy anyone unless they have off loaded a player previously for money, or the player in question is a freebie.
    Now in Bale’s case,Spurs will not spend the transfer fee and certainly not his wages.
    What is more, Bale seems totally happy in stealing a living by being paid and doing nothing- reminds you of the Dutch player at Chelsea some years ago who openly said he was happy to sit on the bench, never play again and cash in his weekly cheque.All that is wrong with football.

  2. Unfortunately, fans like you are part of the problem. Madrid gave him the contract cause he was apart of the wining formula. In come the Frenchman and all things change. Speak for yourself. Would you take a pay cut showing up for work everyday day in your normal life. I guess no, but you can come here holy as though to slander the man. Managers dont take a paycuts when the team does bad, they get fired and get a bigger raise somewhere.

  3. Spurs cannot afford him. Nor can 99% of football clubs in the world. Nobody is going to match his 400k pw wages. Even if they did, they will not want to give Madrid a fee for a player they are clearly desperate to offload.

    Bale is doing the right thing imo. He was given his current contract and is keeping his part of the deal and Madrid must keep theirs. Whether Zidane picks him or not is irrelevant to the terms of Bale’s contract and why should he give up more than half his income for a club that has treated him so badly despite him winning them numerous trophies and scoring arguably the greatest Champions League final goal ever?


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