Fabrizio Romano has revealed that Tottenham don’t want to sell record-signing Tanguy Ndombele this summer – although the unsettled French midfielder would be prepared to leave the club.

The 23-year-old endured a difficult first campaign in north London – making just 12 Premier League starts last term – with his troubled relationship with Spurs boss Jose Mourinho well publicised in recent months.

Ndombele was singled out by Mourinho for his first-half performance in Tottenham’s 1-1 draw at Burnley in March and would then make just two substitute appearances once the season resumed after the break for COVID-19 – playing just 64 minutes in total.

The midfielder, who recently contracted Coronavirus according to the Daily Mail, is yet to feature for Spurs in pre-season and heading into the final weeks of the transfer window is still uncertain where he’ll be playing his football next season.

However, Romano believes that Tottenham rate the Frenchman highly and want to keep him, but Mourinho is after more than just talent and wants the club to access their options.

“If an important bid is made, he will not refuse and is prepared to leave,” Romano told Last Word on Spurs podcast.

“He will be very respectful of Tottenham’s decision and it is a particular situation because the board of Tottenham is convinced that Ndombele is a top player.

“He has had a season which is not at his level for his skills and the real problem is that Jose Mourinho is not so happy with the mentality of Ndombele, not the technical part it is just the mentality and he wants more from Ndombele.

“The club do not want to sell him, but Jose wants the club to consider some possible bids.

“For example, Inter Milan were trying to sign him two or three weeks ago and had a new contact with Tottenham after July to try a swap deal with Milan Skriniar, they were considering this opportunity and Inter offered a simple swap deal without any fee for Skriniar but Tottenham do not want to accept this kind of bid. Instead, they also want €20 or £30million to sell Ndombele with Skriniar as part of the deal.

“I think this summer, the Ndombele situation will be particular because the club do not want to sell him. Daniel Levy was so happy one year ago after he signed Ndombele and is convinced he can have a top second season as a Tottenham player but Jose wants more.”



  1. Waste of money, sell or part exchange before other mangers see what a waste of money he is and what a lazy footballer he is, get rid of him quick as his price tag is going down by the hour,

  2. In this case I trust José. The guy looks lazy and slow. When you do a search of his past there is reports of fitness issues. He might have great skills but so did giovani dos Santos but had a terrible attitude. Skills is only one part for a player a top work ethic is also required.

  3. This is getting so fucking boring about Ndombele. Every day it’s the same bullshit verbatim. It’s like a scratched record. Yesterday even that dunce Andros Townsend threw in his ten cents worth now its an Italian masquerading as a journalist, tomorrow it’ll be a report from Beijing, enough of this shit now.

    • 100%
      Its so deliberately hollow, misleading and outright light that, it pulls u in , like this shit article has done, just so u can beg them to stop. To show some integrity. Some honesty. Fuc@ing anything grown up or remotely intelligent. No chance, though! (Tip@Ray -setup log in to newsnow account-hated doing it too-u can deselect all the main garbage carriers-Im currently starting to question the status of this site,too, sadly)
      Its now a mugs game with no entry requirements. As for Darren Bents two bob and quotes carried from dimwit dans like Townsend, Anyone who’ll speak the word opinion Or reaction, gets a platform, with an audience too exhausted to throe any more tomatoes at the plastic, rickety stage chair, that now claims to be journalism and or podcasting content. Brass balls. Got to show admiration somewhere.


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