There is a particular moment from last season that many Tottenham fans have been waiting to see in Amazon’s All or Nothing documentary.

The final three episodes of the series will air on Monday, and viewers will be able to see extended footage of the row between Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-min from July.

Spurs beat Everton 1-0 but the main talking point was the on-pitch argument, which happened on the stroke of half-time.

Lloris was angry with Son’s lack of tracking back and let the South Korean know just how unhappy he was.

Amazon have now shared a clip from the documentary that shows how the row continued as the players entered the dressing room. Watch below.



  1. I’m very upset about this incident, Son works very hard for the team always gives 100 percent. Hugo should take his frustration on other deadwood that frequently play with no heart and desire. Sons a hard worker with humility and always smiling COYS


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