Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored a second-half winner as a lacklusture Tottenham made a losing start to their Premier League campaign against Everton.

Debutant Matt Doherty and Dele Alli had Spurs’ best chances, but they were both denied by an inspired Jordan Pickford in the Toffees goal.

The defeat was Tottenham’s first on the opening day since losing 2-1 at Newcastle United eight years ago.

Here’s how we rated the players on the day:

Hugo Lloris, 6 – Could do nothing about the goal.

Matt Doherty, 5 – Missed a great first-half chance to mark his debut with a goal. Delivery wasn’t perfect, but showed signs.

Toby Alderweireld, 5 – Struggled against Everton’s pacey front-two and should have got closer to Calvert-Lewis for the goal.

Eric Dier, 5 – Off the pace and was bullied by Calvert-Lewin for the winner.

Ben Davies, 5 – Not at the races and was lucky to get away with one early loose pass that put Richarlison in the clear.

Harry Winks, 4 – Him and Hojbjerg was too negative, especially at home, and he didn’t do enough. Picked the simple pass far too often.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, 4 – Not a debut to remember. Sloppy in possession and dived into too many tackles, including one awful late one on Richarlison in which he was booked.

Lucas Moura, 5 – Offered little and his first touch was terrible.

Dele Alli, 4 – Forced Pickford into a fine first-half save, but that was his only meaningful contribution before he was deservedly hooked at the break.

Heung Min Son 4, – Had one wonderful opportunity to put Kane in the clear and he chose the wrong option. Didn’t looked remotely interested after the break.

Harry Kane, 4 – Hardly involved once again, although the service was shocking. His only contribution in an attacking sense was to put Doherty one-on-one, although he close-range effort was saved by Pickford. Looked frustrated.


Moussa Sissoko, 4 – Started at right-wing before ending the game at right-back. Didn’t offer much in either, in truth.

Steven Bergwijn, 4 – Couldn’t get into the game.

Tanguy Ndombele, N/A – Introduced far too late and was too careful.



  1. Very poor selection, winks has should time and time again that he can’t play under pressure, which means he shouldn’t be playing in the Prem, he’ll be ok in the Europa league play off’s Davis needs a bit more competition and Son needs to learn two basic points, he’s not the only player on the pitch and you are supposed to clear the first defender on corners and free kicks, totally disjointed performance and terrible team selection

      • Sissoko is consistently one of our top performers. Not sure what you have against him. Puts in his all, is strong, rarely gives it away and is often direct with his running. Agree with the others though. Need to shift Alli before the world realise they have been duped…

        • and to think we could have shifted him for 80m at one time. I still think he might be good for it, he could use a change in scenery. I think he’s been disenfranchised since we lost the UCL final and other chances at medals.

  2. Still can’t understand Morinho thinking using two defensive midfielders and defense minded wingbacks then remove attacking minded Alli only to introduce defensive minded Sisokko.

    • We lacked lots if things, but we needed more oace and physicality. If Sissoko had played well, he might have carried the ball forward and shown bursts of energy. But because he was on the wing he was heading towards the block and came inside. I think playing him on the wing was a mistake. Hojberg and Winks looked so poor together. Two midgets, who both pass backwards and sideways. Our wingers didn’t run in behind. But had they done, I don’t think we have the players to play more than a 10 yard pass. Alderweireld can, but he was poor today, looks slow now and the long ball tactic isn’t Spurs and won’t win us anything. We need to play quick one touch football. The Spurs way.

  3. Although some might not deserve it I would rate all as 1 for their performance in the game. That was disgraceful. Thank god no body wasted money paying to watch that.

  4. Sadly, this is all very much more of the same.
    With my cynical but honest hat on, Against my better judgement, I’m honestly doubtful that this squad and Moan-rinho have anything really in common. Its early doors. His first season etc etc yet, deciding not to cancel family commitments and opting for ‘ highlights ‘Today, instead looks to have been a sensible decision. Winks , Sissoko, Ali etc all cow pat. Haven’t been distracted by documentaries or marketing hot air. When thecteam plays well. I buy-in. When they plod about and don’t care- neither do I. It keeps my hair from falling out and my fist and foot from going through yet another tv, in angered despair.
    This needs to get much better and fast!!
    (The games are lifeless without the fans in the stadiums and no amount of distraction disguises that fact for me)

  5. Aweful sums up this display. X2 Defensive midfielders a Centre back whose not a Centre back.
    We sign a defensive midfielder and a right back, when we needed a left back and attacking/ creative midfielder and a striker.
    Shocking display, poor signings again and we are in for A painfully long season ahead.
    Jose and Levy are just grateful that there are no fans in the ground ??

  6. Like watching paint dry! Wanted Lamela to come on at least he would try! Like previous post totally agree winks,alli,davies are really poor and how long is moura going to dine out on his hat trick in the champions league semi final he offers nothing.Why cant he play 3 centre backs and have doherty and sessegnon as full backs! Going to be a long hard season I fear on that evidence

  7. Terrible Spurs I strongly believe at the beginning that spurs will Not be top 6 probably 8 or 10th because Spurs attack very rare since Christmas
    I always repeat since Christmas that Davies Dele Ali Eril Lamela Aurier must go also Dier
    Did you see Dier good tackle good catch good defending ANSWER no

  8. Anyone agree with Rose stating that players worse than him get picked ahead of him?
    Mourinho has his favourites and gives the impression that he will never drop them even if they are poor.
    Everton have got an excellent coach which is more than we can say about our clueless overpaid muppet.Also helps that Everton have bought good class players with flair.
    Pretty sure that the Plovdiv manager’s prediction of beating us will come true on Thursday.

    • Agreeing with the petulant child Danny Rose. A man who bad mouths the club, the management and the fans when he doesn’t get what he wants. A man who lives on the form he had 4 years ago and thinks that recklessly flying into tackles shows commitment, but seems oblivious to anyone that runs in behind him. A player so spent that Newcastle sent him back as quickly as they could. Yes let’s all agree with the legend that is Danny Rose. You’re as deluded as he is and not for the first time.

  9. First Half we at least looked like scoring. That second half from Spurs was awful. For supposedly One of the Greatest technical football minds our players looked void of any plan or strategy.

    Those who criticize Sissoko are clueless. Even when he is having an off day he still is better than the alternatives. Should be automatic starter in the center of our midfield with Los Celsos . Yes Lucas Moura had some poor touches today, but again and MORE THAN EVER, with the non special ones system, if you have a serious look at the game footage of restart /finish of last season he created and assisted more than anyone by a clear margin. Even today ,it was ONLY his ability to steal, or win the ball that created our two best chances. Say what you want, but without Moura in this system Im not sure we would have won more than one game.

    If it is true we lacked fitness that explains quite a bit, but I struggle to understand how our teams fitness could that much worse than the rest of the clubs. Did we have a hidden problem with COVID or is this just another excuse from the “Past it one”.

    Winks is just is not progressing and is too small unfortunately. No Longer does he surge past the first man and look forward and may Jose has halted this but he now looks like a first touch backwards too safe and negative player without enough ball winning skills and physicality to warrant that phony position that many have made famous offering 0. We have a had a few . Ill stop at Tom Carroll. Bergwein was the laziest or Son. Ben Davies gives it his all, but hes just too basic and we need an upgrade.

  10. The main problem from day one is Mourinho…he does NOT fit the Spurs way of playing what is quite a simple ball game.
    If you lack ability you can make up for it by putting in 100% effort…if you haven’t got either then you have got nothing.
    Get use to empty seats Mr Levy as when the turnstiles open again this fantastic stadium will lack people and atmosphere….I will continue to support THFC like I have for 60yrs but will watch more live local amateur football where the main difference is that when the game is finished the players shirts are wet through with sweat…Spurs players shirts after a game can be folded up and put away until the following game…the kit man might have too remove access hair gel.
    Early doors but Jose must GO !!!!

    • Yes, Jose was for the cameras. He’s the anti football, the anitithethis of the Spurs way. Worse football the George G. The owners give less than a sh*t.

  11. The chicks are coming to roost., A number of us have been warning of this for years. The Harry Hotspur blog is the only one who’s really pointed out the fact that the majority can’t grasp. Lewis/Levy are parasites who have killed THFC. Mourinho was for the amazon series Levy PR stunt. Nearly 900 million debt for an NFL/events arena with a fold away football pitch…2 windows with ZERO incomings….no wonder the players look lost, the club is gone. STILL hear people saying Levy is a good businessman??! Well, if that is lining his own pockets and neglecting a football club to the point of destruction then he’s a master. Highest paid chairman can’t find 30 odd mill for a back up striker. Cambridge utd have more strikers than ENIC fc. James Rodriguez was Spurs all over, if Levy had any incling of what the club was he would have gone and got that player. Just to lift the fans with a crowd pleaser. But no, he doesn’t give a shat…he never did. Getting involved with THFC was always about the real estate. RIP THFC.

    • What hurts me most and sinks my heart is that I truly well believe that our golden era is over. We had a window there where if we added 1-2 fresh legs, we could have won the league. I really believed we could achieve something, but history will say we had won nothing in this time. We will not remember it that way, but without any trophies to mark in the history books, what can we say? Arsenal were shat during our great times but have even added 4 FA Cup medals and even those stupid shields. I however blame that on Poch for targeting the moon. Anyway, if we targeted the domestic cups, surely we would have celebrated one! One! Okay, maybe not the league cup, but definitely the FA Cup. Now we are here. We still have a chance I believe, but everybody is gunning for that old cup now. If we don’t win something this year, I fear this truly is the end as Kane wants to win, and you can’t blame him for leaving when the twats above are not interested in improving and adding to the team.


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