Tottenham are considering a move for Bournemouth striker Josh King before next week’s transfer deadline, according to the Telegraph.

In his Monday column, the Athletic’s David Ornstein wrote that Spurs are ‘expected to sign a striker’ before the window closes, and their need for more firepower could increase depending on the extent of Son Heung-min’s hamstring injury.

Son was substituted at half-time after twice hitting the woodwork in Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Newcastle United, but it looks like the South Korean will miss this week’s three matches at least.

Tottenham have now gone over a year without an able deputy for Harry Kane up front and they have struggled for goals whenever the England captain is unavailable.

And now with Son sidelined, Jose Mourinho cannot afford to give Kane a rest, meaning a new back-up striker must be added to the squad.

King scored just six Premier League goals last season as Bournemouth were relegated to the Championship. But the year before that he scored 12, and in 2016/17 he bagged 16.

The key thing is King is likely to be relatively happy spending the majority of the time on the bench, knowing he will get a chance to impress in the Europa League if Kane picks up an injury.



  1. Notwithstanding the fact that no good striker is reluctant to “come in” as a Harry Kane substitute, it beggars belief that in more than 12 months we haven’t been able to get one on board.This is unbelievable.
    Daniel Levy has for once delivered and done so early this transfer window which in itself is an event and for which we thank him.
    Now come on Daniel,stop fart arsing around and get it done.

    • You silly boy. When we get a player that needs time to adjust, we chase them out of the lane. Now, no one who with any ambitions want come sit on our bench. It was foolish not keep Parrot and groom him. Play him alongside Son and get valuable minutes in Europa and cup ties. Troy is the real deal and only game time will improve him not playing 20 games in a lower league.

  2. Dying a slow and painful death, I, like all Spurs supporters, are watching the same old pantomime that we have been sitting in every transfer windoh for the last five years. Everyone and their children has been shouting to Window Twanky that we need a center back and a striker. “No, a striker that is a real, proper striker” as the pantomime horse is paraded on stage. “No, a centre back not a another midfielder.” as the principal boy prances around in sparkly tights. But Twanky laughs and tells us she knows what she is doing, be patient, she has a plan.

    Talk of Benteke today is just the sound of the bottom of the barrel being scraped as the press try to pretend that they have a transfer story about Spurs. We all know that when the lights go up and all the applause has stopped, there on the stage will be the cast and we can all see what is missing. There is no-one at the back so we can’t shout “He’s behind you!”.

    Upfront will be Harry trying his best to be Jack the Giantkiller but we all feel sorry for the guy as we know he’s probably going to end up with old beans devoid of their magic.

    At the start of this windoh I was of the opinion that I was not going to sit in the stalls and watch disaster unfold yet again. But, like all fans, I have been sucked in and have my head in my hands screaming silently to myself, “Not again, please, please not again!” as the truth dawns. We will be offering £20 million less than the asking price for the sort of striker we need. We will be arguing over £5 million for the central defender we need. We will fail in both negotiations and Jose wonders why we are not respected? Everyone knows the script for the Spurs Transfer Windoh Pantomime.


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