Tottenham legend Graham Roberts has suggested Serge Aurier gives away too many free-kicks, a problem that meant Spurs were “in trouble” against West Ham.

Jose Mourinho’s men suffered a dramatic late collapse in Sunday’s London derby, surrendering a three-goal lead with eight minutes to go.

Two of the goals came from free-kicks given away by Aurier, who has been prone to unnecessary fouls ever since he arrived at the club.

And Roberts, who won two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup with Tottenham in the 1980s, identified Aurier as the main reason his former club were unable to hold onto their lead.

“You (West Ham) should have been buried but when you have Aurier keep giving free-kicks away then you’re in trouble,” Roberts said in a reply on Twitter (as noticed by Goal).

Another of his replies said: “Aurier gives too many free kicks away.”

Is Aurier Tottenham’s biggest defensive concern?

It was somewhat surprising to see Aurier in the starting line-up on Sunday, even though he played well and scored against Manchester United before the international break.

Matt Doherty was expected to be Mourinho’s first-choice right-back this term, but it seems the Ireland international will be rotated with Aurier.

After Sunday, though, surely Mourinho will be having second thoughts about who should be starting on the right in league games.

Davinson Sanchez was also poor against West Ham, but Aurier has been Spurs’ biggest defensive concern for some time – arguably he should only be playing in the Europa League.



  1. Aurier continually gives away needless free kicks… Sanchez is absolutely useless. He can neither kick a ball or make correct decisions when defending. Winks is simply diabolical…. All he had to go was clear the ball and Spurs had won.. Instead he keeps thinking he is Messi..When In fact he has to be one of the poorest midfielders in the Premier League.Spurs will win nothing with these three regularly starting…

  2. Totally agree about Winks, not good enough for the Premier League, should not be used by Spurs. Aurier and Sissoko were both guilty of giving away free kicks for two of the goals. Give Ndombele the full 90 mins as he was controlling the midfield and looks better each game. Sanchez WAS poor again let’s get Rodon up and running.

    • Just came back to say that. We need a left sided central defender. I could not bare to see Sanchez swing his left foot like a broken golf club. Hindsight should be pulling Sanchez for Davies and go to a 4 2 1 defending. For the record the fouls was ticky tacky ot should I have been a throw in. Sergie did not touch the player he topple on his aggressiveness to shield a 50/50 ball. That was poor referring.

  3. Graham is such an ass on this. First of all Sissoko is the one that gave away the free kick the first goal was scored on and second free kick the player literally was going to go down from any touch. It should have been a throw in, or book the player for assimilating and ball going the other way. They lost the game because Sanchez is cluess and we lost the midfield once Tanguy came off. Bale miss and open goal and am not going fault Sanchez for own goal, stuff happen. The glaring problem is until Locelso and tanguy can play 90 minutes of football together we are going to struggle in parts. Kane cannot keep coming so deep although i think he covered magnificent due to the lack of a #10. Tanguy is not the answer #10 that is why we need Locelso or Lamela. Any combination of those three need to be closing out games.

  4. It is time to let Aurier go or dont use him until January He is well known ” give away ” He is NOT defender
    Sanchez also must go too he is not really central defender always give away like Aurier
    Spurs MUST buy one new other Central Defender to replace Sanchez but problem is Will Levy be happy to buy?
    Big Question Is Bergwin a good player as I havent seen him.playing well since June I rather Sarr of Watford to get in Spurs he is far better than Bergwin Lamela

  5. Tom Thank you for reply
    Did you not agree Aurier gave away free kick
    Do you agree Lamela good enough for Spurs
    I am not Sarr agent haha but he is really good player compare with Dele and Lamela and Bergwin
    Come on Spurs

    • Aurier has never been good enough, Sarr is still a work in progress so would be a risk and if everyone at the club had the same attitude on the pitch as Lamela then we’d win everything.
      I just don’t understand why you keep questioning Levy? There’s been more than enough to criticise him for over the years, this off season I think he deserves a break with the business he’s done.
      Final point is although Aurier is not good enough, it was never a free kick, but even then it was cleared until the idiot Winks decided not to boot the ball as far as he could and play out.


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