Matchday five of the 2020/21 Premier League season came to a close on Monday evening.

All but two of the 20 top-flight sides have now played five matches – Aston Villa and Manchester City both have a game in hand on the rest of the teams.

And so far, Tottenham are the Premier League’s top scorers with 15 goals in five matches.

Jose Mourinho’s side are averaging three goals a game, with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min scoring 12 of those 15.

It’s an impressive stat, but it also sums up Spurs’ frustrating start to the season.

Despite being top scorers, the Londoners sit eighth in the table – a whole five points behind early leaders Everton, who beat Tottenham on the opening weekend.

Home draws against Newcastle United and West Ham United have seen Spurs drop points, while conceding eight goals so far means their goal difference isn’t as positive as it should be.

However, it is possible to put a positive spin on things.

Tottenham have already clicked in attack and it could get even better once Gareth Bale finds his sharpness.

And surely – surely! – Spurs will have learned defensive lessons after Sunday’s late collapse.

If they can keep scoring and tighten up at the back, the sky is the limit.



  1. Well its like this.
    Attack cant be faulted
    Mid Field mostly good
    Defence -shocking and unacceptable.
    Giving awaypenalties/free kicks in dangerous areas/poor tackling/inaccurate passing/losing possesion/getting in each others way and generally mooching about. Its almost as if they are looking for excusses to justify lack of performance.

  2. Well Aurier and Sanchez are the two main problems in the team. They are always giving stupid freekicks and penalties. Second goal for WHU was by Sanchez a header into his own goal and Aurier freekick although Sissoko did not jump to clear the ball for WHU first goal. They tend to get comfortable defencively each time they are winning and do not focus properly on the game plan.

  3. Can’t for the life of me understand why Aurier started on Sunday; granted he had his best game at Old Trafford but no need to comment further as a blind man can see his limitations.Sanchez is an enigma; strong and with pace yet has got worse since his arrival(for those still lamenting Pocc, thank him for this purchase for a fortune of money).Seems to panick and make all the wrong decisions.Davies has never let us down and plays central defence for Wales, so why not give him a go there.Tanganga has got pace and power and I believe ability but seems injury prone;hasn’t played since lockdown and been
    Out with 2 or 3 different injuries?
    I know little about Rodon but he looks too skinny and for sure will take time to settle down if Jose decides to play him from the off(could very well turn out to be a top player, just don’t know).
    If Dier were to return to pre World Cup 2018 form that would be a step in the right direction, but with Toby losing a yard or 2 of pace, central defence in my opinion remains a major problem as things stand.

  4. as a last line of defense aurier is suspect but understandably doherty was not played as he had played in three international games in the previous week and he is going to be important to us for the season and thus his playing time has to be managed — cannot understand sanchez not putting his boot through the ball instead of heading it past lloris


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