Tottenham’s final Premier League game of 2020 against Fulham has been postponed after a number of positive COVID-19 tests in the Cottagers camp in recent days.

Doubts emerged on Tuesday evening, although Jose Mourinho was made to wait, uploading a video on Instagram at 2pm in Wednesday – with still great uncertainty about whether the game would go ahead.

And less than three hours before kick-off, Spurs released a statement which confirmed the inevitable which had been requested by Scott Parker’s men, after a number of their players and staff returned a number of positive tests and weren’t going to be able to play.

The postponement does give Mourinho’s players an extra three days break before hosting Leeds United in their opening game the New Year.

And here, we’ve been looking at how the Tottenham faithful have been reacting to the news on Twitter, and you can see the best of those below:



    • Very good point. However the hysteria around Covid 19 (not saying it isn’t serious) means that people are demanded to tow the line.

      If someone came out and said “you’ve got a squad so use it rather than postpone the game” they would be utterly crucified on social media.

      We don’t have freedom of speech, anywhere online in fact. You just get canceled if people don’t agree with you, rather than allowing their take on things to be questioned or come under any sort of sustained or reasonable scrutiny. Sad state of affairs, might as well shut the web down! ?

  1. Supporters should realise that whatever happens to the other team can easily happen to their team too. The shoe can easily fit the other foot. And that is why it is vitally important for all of us in these terrible times to know compassion and understanding and to cooperate.


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