Dele Alli wants to leave Tottenham ‘as soon as possible’, according to journalist Fabrizio Romano.

Alli’s future has been the source of speculation for some time now, and the midfielder was left out of Spurs’ squad for Sunday’s win at Sheffield United, only increasing talk about a possible move away.

Last week, Romano – who is always reliable when it comes to transfers – claimed Paris Saint-Germain want to sign Alli but at the time Tottenham were unsure about letting him leave.

Now, Romano is reporting that PSG will step up their efforts to sign the 24-year-old on loan this week, and Alli wants the move to happen sooner rather than later.

And why wouldn’t he? Alli is barely playing at all now and isn’t even guaranteed to start against Wycombe in the FA Cup next week.

Romano says it is now up to Spurs chairman Daniel Levy to make a decision, suggesting Mourinho’s mind is already made up – he is willing to let Alli go.

It looks like it will be an interesting final few days of the transfer window in north London.



  1. Mourino is stupid, and stubborn, he doesn’t want dele and that’s that, he doesn’t want Bale either, the chairman brought him in, and mourino didn’t agree, so he doesn’t play. Mourino should be known as the special ego.
    And he is aways right, he has of cause never sold anyone who has made it anywhere else has he……

  2. Words fail me regarding Mourinho;he is an a…….
    If he says the world is square and he has decided as such then he is right and will never flinch.Not the sign of an intelligent man.
    He is out to destroy and humiliate Alli who couldn’t have done better against Marine and who was rewarded by not even being on the bench for Sheffield Utd game.
    A disgrace; I wonder who he will pick on once Alli has gone.

  3. OK let’s just say we are wrong, and Dele is a bad trainer, a bad influence in the dressing room and has peaked, let’s say he is past his best and we won’t win anything with him and he needs to go, could be true, I mean he lost his England place before his spurs place, so for one minute we agree he is crap.
    Tottenham hotspur is a business, by threatening in the way we are we are devaluing an asset, not good business sense not what Daniel Levy is known for. However I feel sorry for Mr Levy, could it be he sacked the fans favourite, and has to now stick with mourino, if he tries to tell mourino who to play, and mourino walks look how it will look. Jesus we are in the hunt for five trophys, incredibly for a team who can’t defend or attack. If mourino walks and we drop out of the hunt, it won’t look good, so at the moment mourino is in charge, loose and degrade assets and win nothing, his arse is grass, levy and the board will turn very quickly.


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