Jose Mourinho has confirmed Joe Rodon will not be dropped despite his costly mistake in Tottenham’s 3-1 defeat to Liverpool on Monday night.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg had given Spurs hope of a second half comeback with a wondergoal in response to strikes from Roberto Firmino and Trent Alexander-Arnold either side of half-time.

Not long after that, however, Rodon failed to clear a cross that eventually fell to Sadio Mane, who smashed home to restore the visitors’ two-goal advantage.

But Mourinho has seemingly already forgiven Rodon for the error, suggesting after the game that the Welshman will start against Brighton on Sunday night.

“Next game he plays for sure,” Mourinho said (via Wales Online).

“He showed good personality, good concentration, was good on the ball. First half building well and going for duels. Not a coward for not to assume the duels, a brave boy to go for every duel, even against difficult opponents like they are.

“For me his performance was very, very good, very solid. He made one mistake. Unlucky that it leads to their third goal, the goal that basically ends the game.

“When I have a player who makes one mistake, it doesn’t matter how big the mistake was, but completely out of the context of a very good, solid performance I only have to support the player and protect the player and the best way to do that is to play the next game for sure.

“The third goal hurts me because it was a mistake by a kid who played very, very well. Joe Rodon played very, very well, so I feel very sorry for him and I’m happy with him.”

Mourinho got a few things wrong on Monday but he got this one right. Rodon deserves protection after a mostly solid defensive performance – it’s a shame his mistake was a costly one.

Besides, the 23-year-old wasn’t the only player to make an individual error. Hugo Lloris and Eric Dier were both arguably at fault for the first goal, while Lloris perhaps could have pushed Mane’s shot out further to avoid Alexander-Arnold netting Liverpool’s second.



  1. I had no problem with rodon however if you look at dier this season he has been at fault for so many errors leading to goals scored against us. Last night between him and Hugo they were at fault for two of the goals. However Daniel levy must shoulder blame here. His refusing to pay the price for a player instead searching under every rock until he finds a cheaper option has and is costing us points and millions of pounds. He could of bought greelish but refused to pay, he could have bought cadtaghne at Everton but instead Doherty. He has always looked for the cheap option. Bringing bale back another waste. Waste waste waste. This club when it comes to something that will increase the value is money is no problem however when it comes to buying the right players the best players it’s let’s look for other options. Pure rubbish again from levy and Lewis and the board.

  2. Great to see Mourhino backing the youngster, his performance was solid, however just one mistake and I’m sure he will learn from it. Also take note that he has hardly played in the league so far but in time I’m sure he will be a rock at the back. Some of the senior players at Spurs should hang their heads in shame. Piere Emile should be announced captain asap. Alfie Devine should also be given a chance to show his mettle.

  3. I think someone has to invent special shin / ankle pads of some description.. too many players have a bad injury… in the “ old days” shin pads for example went the whole length under knee to top of ankle.. ankles may need to be strapped with an elastic type version. Imo

  4. Joe had a solid game and I say was heading to be m o t m for spurs as for other defo Lori’s fault Dier couldn’t touch the ball as liable to be of Lori’s should have dived out to cut the ball out and for pushing the ball out what was he doing could have went with two hands and pushed out for corner but no one hand pushes into open play


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