Some Tottenham players feel restricted by Jose Mourinho’s style of play, according to the Telegraph.

There has been plenty of talk today about Mourinho as a result of Spurs falling to a third straight Premier League defeat on Thursday night. We’ve already relayed an Independent report claiming Daniel Levy has been surprised by the team’s recent level of performance.

And now the Telegraph has published a story suggesting some of Mourinho’s players aren’t exactly happy.

It is believed some players feel ‘they are being stifled’ by Mourinho’s tactics, which have been very defensive of late despite the need for more attacking threat. It hasn’t helped that Tottenham have also been making too many individual mistakes at the back.

The report suggests Mourinho is not currently under pressure but defeat against lowly West Brom this weekend could change the situation – the Spurs boss has been speaking about how Sunday’s match is a must-win.

Arguably, the only way Tottenham are going to turn around their form is if Mourinho gives his players more freedom. But with another defeat potentially putting his job at risk, he’s just as likely to go even more defensive. It will be an interesting game, that’s for sure.



  1. Jose should never have been at Spurs, he is the wrong type of manager, Oliver Holt summed him up a few months ago. Defensive, too worried about what the opposition will do rather than what spurs can do. all the creative talent he has sent off to other clubs because he doesn’t have the skills to take them up to first team level. he should leave now before too much damage is done. Spurs have gone backwards under Jose, we need a forward thinking manager, not a backward looking one.


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