Tottenham looked like a different team against West Brom on Sunday – mainly because Harry Kane was back.

The striker scored the opener and put in a man of the match performance as Spurs bounced back from three league defeats with a 2-0 win over the lowly Baggies.

But his presence wasn’t the only reason Tottenham played better than they did against Chelsea, Brighton and Liverpool.

If, like me, you watched with BT Sport’s crowed noise switched off, it was easy to hear Jose Mourinho doing something a little bit different.

Instead of allowing his players to stand off the opposition as he usually does, Mourinho could be heard shouting “press” throughout the contest.

Football London journalist Alasdair Gold, who was in attendance, confirmed as much on Twitter.

Indeed, the very first time West Brom gained possession in the early stages of the game, four or five Spurs players sprinted to win the ball back immediately.

It was refreshing to see after a series of passive performances of late – long may the more intense pressing continue.



  1. hard to believe that the previous non pressing was of the players own volition and nothing to do with the manager — he takes the plaudits when we win and must accept the brickbaks when we fail


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