Erik Lamela scored a Rabona and was sent off as Tottenham’s four-match winning run was ended in the north London derby.

Despite a lacklusture opening period, Lamela collected Lucas Moura’s pass inside the box and produced an incredible finish which went through the legs of Thomas Partey and into the far corner past Bernd Leno for his first Premier League goal since 14 September 2019.

However, Martin Oedegaard’s deflected effort just before half-time levelled for Arsenal before Alexandre Lacazette’s second-half penalty earned three much-deserved points for Mikel Arteta’s men after the Frenchman had been fouled by Davinson Sanchez.


Tottenham rallied late on as Harry Kane saw a goal ruled out for offside before striking a post, but Jose Mourinho’s men were left frustrated.

But Spurs could have few complaints with the result, although Mourinho wasn’t happy with two players that he thought both lacked intensity at the Emirates.

He said: “Gareth and Tanguy, we need more intensity in that game. We need to press more, be more intense in the game. We needed initially Sissoko to give us that intensity in the midfield that Tanguy was not.” (Quotes via Football.London).



  1. Jose fuck off out of tottenham. We hear this saying in football a team throws a manager under a bus you do that brilliant with players at spurs piss off Jose

    • Dude! Your Insane, how dare are you to pass judgment call off his duty. Jose is a professional qualified manager that knows where they went wrong and he needed to fix it immediately. Can you actually monitor a local charitable organise soccer group for a game .. my guess is Nope, so! Piss off and grow up.

  2. Jose stop throwing the players under the bus you set the team up with your dinosaur tactics. Doherty should of been subbed he was a liability the whole game

  3. Jose Mourinho needs to take a look at himself in the mirror, instead of picking out players to throw under the bus.
    He is the manager who picks the team and sets the tactics, he chose for the team to sit back, with all our attacking options up front. He never learns, our defence is not good enough for us to sit back. It was never a penalty, the referee should have been shown a red card.
    Lamela scored a brilliant goal and lashes out and gets sent off. His yellow should not have been. Ref was poor tonight.

    • You are joking right ?
      He deliberately kicked at least two
      Players off the ball, pushed someone in the face, jumped tackled for his first card, to be honest he should have been sent off twice !!!
      The man is a disgrace to Spurs, unreliable and has a couple of screws loose !!

  4. Anyone that knows anything about football knows the Manager is the problem at Spurs.Puts out an attacking team then sits back and hopes to get goals on the break.Harry was invisible until late in the game but as usual he goes after the same two.

  5. to be fair, its probably on paper our best squad. Bale was shocking, ndombele didn’t get involved. So if the team win its the players that made it happen. but if the same players play like shite and lose its the managers fault. I personally have been impressed by Jose saying when we have won, its the team needs the credit, as they are the ones that made it happen, but the first loss the media and pundits kill Jose and no disrespect to you idiots that team was spot on

  6. José need to be gone.
    Fucking Shite week in week out. Team selection and tactics are horrendous. No plan B, And killing certain players career’s.
    If there were Fans in the stadium ,He’d have been gone months ago.

  7. Unfortunately it ‘appears’ to be as an Attacking side but made to play as a Defensive team unit. Right team but wrong tactics. And who’s the tactician?

  8. if put the problem on jose it means you are a coward , what do you want jose to that he didn’t do. Ndobele is not a footballer. huspur players played like idiots today , no intensity. What do you want jose to do? Huspur supposed to sell many players including ndowbele

  9. My 2 cents worth. As the tittle says it.Sad but Bale n Tanguy didnt put enough intensity. Intensity…LOOK at Hodzberg, Reguilon, LAMELLA, Kane, Sissoko.
    Reguilon, Hodzberg, Lamella ran their socks off. The penalty…as VAR shows it shud not be a penalty, as Lacazett had hit the ball, and Davinson’s rush was sliding in.
    Screen SHOWED…the ball WAS kicked first before the connection. Look at the screen again. Why Ref did not refer to VAR !!!

  10. My god some of these posts have me in tears, admit the fact we were outplayed most of the game you can’t just blame the manager every time we lose ffs the same team pretty much dominates and spanks teams in the previous 4 games bar Fulham who showed how fragile this team still is. Wake up people the issue is still with the players not the manager!

  11. Sure the issue is with the players,at least some of them,but who sets them up; equal responsibility between players and coach.
    Late in the game it was 9 v 12;with Lamela sent off and Doherty non existant, 9 v the 11 of Woolwich +the referee.Come to think of it,Doherty is a well documented Gooner Fan so was also probably playing for them.

  12. As though further proof is needed that Jose is a retard.
    He plays defensively with an attacking formation on paper.
    Like going to the Glastonbury festival in a dinner jacket.
    Jose don’t you see, feel or realise that the fans hate you?Just get out.

  13. Anyone on this page saying it’s Jose’s fault don’t know nothing about football….the only reason he called out Ndomshit and bale is because they didn’t play well… From the set up of the team we all agree that it’s purely an attacking minded team ,so how on earth will a coach now instruct such team to sit back and don’t attack…that’s not possible .. ..Bale is frail ,the PL intensity is too high for him…Ndombele is not a Jose type of player…He holds on the ball more than it’s necessary.. the pundits and the toxic press is forcing these players on Him to play them……Jose knows how to buy Good players so sell some of these player and allow Jose build you a winning team…

  14. Jez a Chelsea Fan here – no way was that a penalty FFS – refereening is a shambles, thought Spurs played well a man down ! Chins up roll on the next game – ye could be like Chelsea – loads of possession & SFA to show for it ???

  15. The Etihad should have been in Flames after the match. 5th place to play for and turn up playing tripe against a team below us.
    Arsenal fans were worried by how many goals they would be beaten by before the game. All we do is hand them the game on a plate.
    Playing 90 mins on the back foot is bound to go wrong. Doherty back to Wolves please. Jose keep up or leave. You set the team up.
    Inconsistent refereeing is part of the equation every game. If you score more goals than the opponent you win a game.
    Regardless of how good the ref is or not.
    It’s as simple as that.

  16. I watched a previous match when we did not play well and the manager subbed players after 30 minutes, this match was shocking, dombele and lamella want to try and beat the same player more than once and they lose the ball, defence keep passing it backwards then hoof it up front, and once in the air it becomes a 50-50 ball which we always lose. Nothing went through midfield because we don’t have one, we lose games through a defence because we don’t have one. Best attack in the league, nothing behind, other teams must love playing us. Staff to be removed, The Manager, Doherty, lamella, dombele, aldverweireld, sanchez, dier, Davies, so Mr Levy get the message, let’s start again shall we, as we will not qualify for anything or win anything this year!!!

  17. Gooner here… don’t worry, I’m not here to gloat. The problem with Jose – and it’s always been the problem – is he loves to take the credit when things are going well. When things go badly, it’s never his fault: the ref / players / board / pitch / scheduling etc etc. What makes it worse is that he has this amazing track record of previous success which he (rightly, for now) leans on whenever he’s questioned. Just like Wenger, that record of success will soon be so far in the past as to be irrelevant, and the fans will turn on him.

    As for the game, like most Gooners I was terrified before the game. But Jose’s completely negative tactics bombed this time – one because Arteta no doubt saw him coming, and also because we are a vastly improved side from the previous NLD game in Dec. Arteta learned from that game – Jose didn’t.

    Quite funny how after a bad result there are always some fans calling for calm and others who want half the team to be replaced. Same on every team blog 😀

  18. This is clearly a blog for illiterate fools with brain injuries. What a load of nonsense typed by a load of complete numbskulls. Hilarious.


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