Jermaine Jenas has suggested Moussa Sissoko’s introduction against Manchester United summed up the negative impact Jose Mourinho’s defensive attitude is having on Tottenham.

Midway through the second half of Sunday’s match, Mourinho brought Sissoko on for Giovani Lo Celso. The score was 1-1 at the time, but Spurs went on to lose 3-1.

Meanwhile, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision to bring on at attacking player paid off as substitute Mason Greenwood registered a goal and an assist.

And Jenas, speaking on Match of the Day 2, argued that the contrasting approaches of the two managers encapsulated Tottenham’s troubles under Mourinho.

“It was clear as day today. You’ve got one team who wants to win the game in Manchester United, making changes like Mason Greenwood coming onto the pitch,” Jenas said.

“And you’ve got another team (Tottenham) trying not to lose a game of football, making changes like Lo Celso off and Sissoko on, when you’ve got players like [Gareth] Bale and Dele Alli on the bench.

“It’s a mindset the team has had all season long and it’s going to be the reason why they don’t get in the Champions League.”

In fairness to Mourinho, the Spurs boss pushed Tanguy Ndombele further up the pitch when Sissoko came on.

But if he truly wanted to take the game to Manchester United, he could have replaced Lo Celso with a more attacking player.

With that in mind, Jenas is right. Mourinho simply don’t possess the confidence to take risks in games of this magnitude – or any game for that matter – and it is only hurting the team.



  1. Spot on. That was the point I stopped watching. Mourinho is as bad a manager as Sissoko is a player. I pray neither are at Spurs next season or I will be watching Arsenal.

    • Nobody will miss you. You dont watch Arsenal as a true Spurs you take the licking Arsenal are down in the table anyway. Good luck judas.

  2. To be honest jenas was a rubbish footballer who was sold to us by souness who claimed he was the next big thing. He along with arry junior make money out of talking rubbish along with many other ex players. As for Jose he was the wrong man for the club but then again with Danny and enic who would want to manage spurs. All players bought for profit and not ability by dl. Then again why have silver when you can have gold.

  3. Jenas was not rubbish. sir Bobby had faith in him at Newastle and he even got a last minute winner for them @ WHL (which I saw to my pain). Also a number of England caps, captain of England U21. So a good footballer. His analysis on tv is good, like Gary Neville’s, Danny Murphy’s & Keown’s. It’s the waffle and chest puffing of Wright and Shearer that bore me and don’t inform me. Keane is ok, Carragher ok, Ferdinand is ok. Kevin Kilbane is/was not too bad, also John Hartson. Hoddle is so-so. just my opinion. Oh- and please, never Robbie Savage on radio or tv… All these pple were footballers in the top UK league so were good players in their way; some very good players. That doesn’t prove they become good pundits however

  4. Jose got to go period. Even if we win cow vell trophy.
    About 5 games in I said, what Kane was doing hid the fact we do not have a real #10 which wecan do without, but when you lack a #8 it harder to over come. Ww look back at tne goals and assist from Kane to Son, the are all of the spectacular veriaties. That was not going to last all season. One other key point O made was Tanguy is neither a 8 or 10 but the fact he was filling into the position at the 10 spot, gain match fitness why move him to the holding position when he was growing into the slot. When Locelso came back, it was a simple as going to a 4123 format to keep the best starting 11.


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