Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will not be talked into selling Harry Kane this summer, according to Peter Crouch – who knows all too well how brutal Levy can be when it comes to transfers.

Kane’s future is currently a hot topic amid reports (via The Athletic) he will push for a move away from Spurs if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.

But as we relayed earlier today, The Athletic’s David Ornstein claims Levy’s stance is simple: Kane will not be sold to another English club this summer ‘under any circumstances’.

Of course, that doesn’t rule out an exit abroad. But Crouch, writing for his column in the Daily Mail, has pointed to his own brutal experience with Levy to suggest how the Spurs chief will deal with Kane’s desire to leave.

“Harry Kane might want to play in the Champions League next season, but Daniel Levy simply won’t bend,” Crouch said.

“I know how tough Daniel is when it comes to deals. When I was at Spurs, I’d never caused anyone a problem, I’d scored some important goals and I thought I was going to stay for a while – but everything changed when Stoke came up with a £10million bid.

“Daniel rang me and said he had accepted the offer. I told him I didn’t want to go. He replied: ‘If you stay, you won’t get a squad number next season.’ It was that blunt. We had an exchange of views about it but there was only one outcome on the horizon.”

Essentially, Crouch is saying that Levy does not change his mind when it is set, which suggests there is a good chance Kane will be staying put this summer.

That said, anything can happen in football if the price is right. It could simply be a question of how much Kane’s suitors are willing to pay in order to change Levy’s stance.



  1. Daniel Levy took an expensive gamble by appointing Mourinhio and lost.
    Kane, son, Ali will leave if he doesn’t appoint a new manager who is capable of galvanising top players into a winning team. Furthermore Levy will be responsible for regressing spurs by at least ten years, and as a supporter for more than 60 years, I don’t think I have another ten to wait for Glory.

    • I am in a similar position and after the Glory years Mourhino has destroyed everything good about the club
      Paying him off will be cheaper and better all round

      • What glory years we haven’t won trophy in years n will never while tight ass levy n co there nuthing to do with mou he wanted skinnier hit Rodon he wanted Bailey he got bale he wanted areins got doc whos to blame for that levy n co not mou dier auier Davis Sanchez dele sissoko Lemela bale moura winks r not what we need n have no back bone no fight that’s the issue not mou players n levy r at fault mou has won a trophy everywhere he’s went but is going to win nuthing with us full stop untill levy buys who mangers really wants n not the cheaper option until that happens it wont matter who’s manger they will all fail

  2. Lots of blame on players and Mourinho but doesn’t the blame lie with Levy? He has been the highest paid CEO in the Premier League but for what. He has overseen 20 years of failure – only 1 league cup – our worst spell for 90 years (taking out wartime), but there is no accountability for this failure. Sure we have great training ground, and stadium but this had ended up costing over a £1b from the original spend of around £450k – a financial disaster from our supposed financial wizard! It doesn’t really matter because the prime aim of ENIC is to make huge financial profit for Lewis and Levy’s pockets, not to make Spurs a top team and win trophies. It’s strange he pays himself the highest salary in the league but cannot do likewise to attract top players and of course on transfers.

    • Well said bro levy n co r to blame he spends cash on cheaper option instead of paying the cash n getting better players

  3. While I’m not a Levy fan, and I understand he often interferes with transfers, it is the managers job to get the best out of the players in the team. Poch did a great job, and had a single bad period then got the chop. He deserved more respect than this. It wasn’t long ago that Jose was talking that Spurs should be challenging for the title with the team they have got. yet when he comes in, Spurs go backwards. At least when Spurs were in a bad patch with Poch, the players still loved playing for the manager, and the club. Now Jose has destroyed that. The players all want to leave the club because no one wants to play a tactic that went out of fashion a decade ago.
    Levy is a money man. He’ll know how much Kane earns us, he’ll understand how much a replacement would earn us, and compare that to the money he can make by selling Kane. I see PSG getting Kane, Alli and Lloris. Spurs meanwhile will be feeding off Southampton again, a team of players fighting relegation, like we use to do. Here is to another 10 years of mid-table Spurs again.

    • Surely responsibility for sacking Poch and hiring Jose is Levy’s and only one league cup in 20 years is Levy’s. Levy has hired the 10+ past managers who have all failed. Harry will be gone next season and we will be back to square one with another league cup to look forward to in next 20 years?

  4. A guy saw a beautiful woman and thought Wow what a great partner she would make. But after moving in together the guy realised apart from her looks, she had no personalty, no character, no cooking skills apart from toast, didn’t do any work around the house, was a selfish egotistical person who loved herself only. There lies the story of Mourinho’s love afair with some of the spurs players.

  5. The worse thing is whoever Levy elects to replace Mourinho will also be a failure.
    I really believe we are unmanageable.


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