Tottenham have officially announced they are one of 12 clubs who have agreed to be part of a new European Super League.

In a statement released late on Sunday evening, Spurs revealed they have joined 11 other clubs from around Europe by forming the new competition.

The other clubs are AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Clubs who have enjoyed far more success than Tottenham in recent years – such as Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain – are perhaps conspicuous by their absence.

The confirmation did not go down well among many Spurs supporters on Twitter, despite club’s insistence that they “are committed to working with all stakeholders, particularly supporters, as plans for the competition develop.”

Three more founder clubs, currently unknown, are expected to participate in the competition, while a further five clubs will take part by qualifying.

Two groups consisting of 10 teams each will begin fixtures in August, playing for a place in the May final.

Tottenham’s statement goes on to reveal more financial details and quotes from other clubs’ owners – be sure to read the full thing here.

Check out some of the most displeased Spurs fan reactions from Twitter below.



  1. I would love to see the biggest clubs in European Football come to WHL on a regular basis. FIFA is a corrupt outdated institution.

  2. What a disgrace joining this.We cant win anything domesticly what chance have we got in this euro super league.We will just be the whipping boys.I bet levy and joe lewis are rubbin there hands tonight.I’ve been spurs fan from the early 60s and i’ve just had enough of levy & ENIC and there profits.I wish we will pull out and go back to the premier league and the f a cup.this will kill english football.coys.

  3. I’m a Spurs supporter since 1961 through the glory days and the dark days. I cannot support this move and will not renew my membership if it goes through. These clubs will be expelled from their National Leagues and their players banned from International Football. Those old enough to remember World Series Cricket organised by Channel 9 owner Kerry Packer remember the three year ban on Test Cricket for the players signed up. Eventually, the establishment came to an agreement with Packer. I only hope FIFA and UEFA can see a way through this and keep these clubs on board.
    Not in my name Daniel Levy.

  4. Been saying for years now get this lot – ENIC OUT – they are ‘enic’ for themselves. There used to be a football club in N17 . This lot are con men rinsing the fans. Get em out! The apathy must end here and now! March Spurs fans- march!

  5. Absolute disgrace!!
    Just shows that us loyal fans don’t matter anymore!! The fact that we have supported our clubs for decades seems to be irrelevant. It’s all about greed!
    Absolutely disgraceful. I am totally ashamed with the owners of my beloved Tottenham Hotspur ?

  6. Been a Spurs fan since 1967 it has been a fantastic to see great games and great players.I am ashamed of how we are going now.Super league dont make me laugh.We will never win anything,still the money men wont care,they will just keep counting the cash.I,m done with it,wont watch a single game.Betrayed by the club I loved.

  7. Where are the players going to come from? Established international will want to represent their countries, as will younger up and coming players. It will turn into a series of exhibition games for those towards the end of their careers. Disgusting decision by short-sighted owners hoping to make a quick dollar.

  8. I am just being asked to renew my season ticket. After supporting Spurs for 70 years I do not feel that I want to do so for the benefit of profit making non-football interested companies.

  9. Absolutely disgraceful. Supported Spurs for 60 years – I am lost for words – No More Spurs – Done with the greedy Bs
    Let them go beg for support.

  10. I live in South Wales and have supported the Spurs since 1967 football lost it’s innocence years ago but this!!!!Levy only cares about money screw the fans remember we HAVE NOT been fans for years we are merely customers.All season ticket holders should not renew boycott these greedy basatrds who do not give a shit about fans.

  11. What on earth is is going on with my beloved Tottenham the club i first saw in 1948 ? doesn’t the owner Joe Lewis Mr Levey and the Board realize the reproductions that will come about by taking part in this Ridiculous Charade, i bought 100 sharers in 1982 to help pay for the then new West stand at the old WHL
    and now we have a new Stadium and Mourinho has gone perhaps we can start Playing attacking football Again COYS


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