Spurs asked Jose Mourinho to break specific habit before sacking – report

Spurs asked Jose Mourinho to break specific habit before sacking – report



Tottenham were keen for Jose Mourinho to stop criticising his players, something may have been in part responsible for his sacking, according to the Athletic.

Mourinho was relieved of his duties on Monday morning during an extraordinary 24-hour period in which Spurs confirmed their participation in the new European Super League.

Talk of the controversial breakaway competition dominated the conversation on Monday, so much so that Mourinho’s departure took a backseat on the news agenda.

But the Athletic have published a tell-all story that includes some of the reasons Mourinho was sacked.

And one of those reasons was particularly interesting.

It is believed Mourinho was asked by the club to stop criticising his players, a habit the former Manchester United manager clearly wasn’t been able to break amid a string of bad performances.

His attitude combined with poor results obviously contributed to his downfall, as did – according to report – his boring training sessions and hesitance to focus on attacking football.

Mourinho’s assistant, Joao Sacramento, is also said to have been unpopular among the players.

With all of that in mind, it would make sense for Spurs to hire a more positive and progressive manager to replace Mourinho.



  1. Lets not forget that Jose was Daniel levy man. Levy wanted Jose + at the time Jose was unemployed so no compensation to pay. Levy got it wrong again.

    • On the super league I find it very rich all these ex players who are now expert in every aspect of the game telling us how to think. These same players were all very very well looked after and paid along with their agents. The greed within the game really took of with TV money and very rich owners who were quickly releaved of said money by said agents. Gone long ago are the days of millionaire owners of top football clubs agents and players seen to that. Covid shows no signs of going away and it will be a long time before we have full stadiums again but agents and players still want paying. Contracts need renewed meaning more money for agents. Just look how much spurs paid in agents fees to renew contracts the year we bought no players. I don’t blame these clubs for wanting more. Fifa and uefa are full of greed and corruption so a bit pot and kettle on their behalf. Without the money from fans it is only a matter of time before clubs start going under so something had to be done. Football is a business a very rich business but even the rich can go bust well sort of.

  2. Lev’s treatment of Jose has been despicable. Levy has never ever supported his managers and this is just another part of the Levy Circus and I think Levy has tried to use the Jose sacking as a way of taking the limelight from Levy’s decision to join the super league. Don’t get me wrong Jose is a bit like marmite and has a certain way about him but Levy knew this when he hired him. Jose has won something at every club and with squad investment that was demanded by jose and guaranteed by levy he would have continued the success story. Levy once again never delivered the players Jose requested leaving Jose with an impossible task. People say the players revolted and threw Jose under the bus but these players are the same players that revolted and threw Poch under the bus but you hardly heard a peep. this awful media witch hunt against jose needs to stop now as its not only hurting Jose but ruining the game which Jose is a massive part of. Im a spurs fan and my season ticket is going back and i will never support spurs again after 45 years until Levy has gone. Im not even that upset about Jose being sacked, personally he wasnt the right fit for spurs and everyone knew this but to sack him 6 days before a cup final him and his team and got too is nothing but despicable and for me its a step too far. I hope spurs now get beaten in every game of the season and Kane and Son realise that whilst Levy is in charge they will never be champions or win anything and come on super league. How great will that be when you finish last every season. Total Joke

    • you hope the Spurs get beaten . I can never understand when “fans’ say that especially season ticket holders. I hear your frustration man but Jose was throwing his team under the bus. he had to go . Regarding this Superleague ….it might be the only thing that is going to save Spurs from going in administration. Don’t get me wrong I hate it BUT it’s a money thing….something we don’t have a lot of right now and with this huge stadium debt and no fans attending to pay it off…..what choice does the club have ….sink or take this windfall.

      • I don’t understand throwing the players under the bus. When a team has never won anything they can never have any pride or win anything whether managers change or not. The problem with English pl it is driven by pundits and the media which influences players and clubs to undermine managers who have.proven that they are winners. Now that Jose is gone lets see what will be won by spurs and we also want to see them beat every team with the so called attacking football.

    • Cut the crap. The best part of Jose coaching is us making the finals. Other than that we are boring and predictable. He needed to go. He was satisfied with the window. He forget his job as manager is to be a people person. He treated Rose our most senior player like crap. He deserve the hook. Tired of wasting my time watching his boring none inspiring foorball.

  3. Dan, so sad that you’ve decided to stop supporting your team of 50 years because of Super League breakaway. Did you do similar in 1992 when 18 Division one clubs resigned form the football league to form a Super League that eventually became the Premier League? Did you protest pre 1988 at the lack of a pyramid system from Conference to Football League.

    I’m pretty sure the outcome of the new Super League will be a compromise that all organisations and the majority of fans will except and eventually live. I wonder if the BBC and SKY would have given more support to the SL announcement if they had the TV rights to it!

    Jose deserved the sack, you can’t blame Levy. He gave Poch plenty of time because there was progression, Joe knew even before Covid that money would be tight. A manager on top form would have goy more out of his players.

    legation system would continue, and struck a five-year television deal with Sky and the BBC, worth £304 million. The Football League sealed a £24 million deal with ITV for live coverage of its games.

  4. Could not understand the appointment in first place. The reality is all our managers have fallen out with Levy as the promises never materialise.
    Why should we expect to finish above City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea? They all invest much more in their team sheets than we do. Since 1993, at Tottenham it is only about the balance sheet.

  5. Levy deserved the sack. He is not ambitious and lacks the tenacity demanded by the round lathered game to move spurs forward.

  6. Jose’s time at Spirs reminded me of Brian Clougg’s at Leeds.

    A big mouth proud of his achievements in the game

    Determined that talented players would do it his way rather than do what came naturally to them.

    Trying to do it all without the assistant who had been so vital to his previous successes. In Clough’s case it was Peter Taylor. In Mourinho’s case it was Rui Faria who was with him at every club he’d ever been but chosw not to join him at Spurs.

    • Tell me if a successful manager then I’ll show you one who has won in every place he has been playing the so called non attacking football. Show me a good manager, and I will show you one whose striker leads the scoring chat by not playing attacking football.

  7. Enough is enough, Levy deserved to be sacked if he’s not ashamed of himself leading a club like Tottenham since these years without silverware! So stubborn and visionless kind of a man. Let him shamefully resign honourably or be sacked. UP SPURS!!

  8. There is one manager that I would luv at spurs plus definitely gone under the radar. That manager is Jurgen Klinsmann. Brilliant manager for at that time a Brilliant German team then bayern Munich as well. Turned USA soccer on its head whilst managing the USA side. Im wondering when fans are allowed back im wondering if the super so called 6 fans will boycott the games.

  9. Some times it embarrasses me, when you club sides want to turn coaches into a magician, you can only make use of what you have, most clubs mgmt are always adamant to coaches request in terms of players. Clubs pls always give the mgrs support( financially ) to build their own kind of team, no investment no trophy.

  10. I admit something does not add up.
    Certainly Mourinho has done little but Levy is not paying enough attention to the needs of the ultimate goal.Profit and payment of the vast FootballStadium is only gained by the Public paying through the turnstiles,the fans. It says on the entrance Tottenham Hotspur Football Club with a Latin motto Audere et Facere. (to dare is to do
    Pull your finger out Levy and do a bit of daring and out buy the likes of Arsenal Chelsea the Manks and Scousers buy big ,restrict wages/salaries to performance perfection.
    £65m was spent on Sanchez and he cannot defend, Buy a defender who can tackle and sell the dross. Invest in your club Beg HarryKane to stay. Get a coach to play football and play with heart


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