Jose Mourinho has spoken publically for the first time since he was sacked by Tottenham on Monday.

Following a wretched run of Premier League form since Christmas, combined with the Europa League exit last month, Mourinho was relieved of his duties yesterday morning.

And a matter of hours after his departure, Sky Sports spoke to the Portuguese outside his London home, although he failed to comment on what went wrong during his time at Spurs.

Mourinho admitted that he doesn’t need a break, and said “I’m always in football” when asked whether he’ll be back in the game soonish.

Watch below.



  1. Jose won’t find it hard to get another job. He got fired for being honest and calling out the lazy players at Spurs. The media also did not like him which also played a part his achievements is tops and that speaks for itself. The hard working players like Kane, Son, Moura and Pierre Emile had no gripes with Mourinho. There’s still a lot of deadwood at Spurs and I can’t see anyone coming there and doing wonders with that squad, some of those players won’t just walk into the top 6 clubs.

  2. Jose är en högnivå tränare som har hittat allt sig själv utan hjälp och visar till sina spelare rätt väg att gå fram , Jose är fotboll och utan honom fotboll blir värdelös !

  3. I am a Chelsea fan ,I always following any club Jose coaching, only special players understand the special one,Kane as a leader and Son and other few players they enjoyed the system of playing under Jose,but those who are lazzy ,not winners they were working against Jose
    Wish you soon come back to coaching Jose,I can’t even miss your audio ,people they hate truth


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