Some Tottenham players ‘celebrated’ when they discovered Jose Mourinho had been sacked, according to Sky Sports News reporter Michael Bridge.

Mourinho was relieved of his duties earlier this week after a torrid final few weeks in charge of Spurs, in which the team crashed out of Europa League and saw Champions League qualification all but slip away.

Interim manager Ryan Mason led the team to a much-needed victory over Southampton on Wednesday night, and now a top-four finish is back within sight – though it will be difficult.

In any case, Tottenham arguably now have a better chance of reaching the Champions League than they did when Mourinho was in charge, such was the level of toxicity in the dressing room.

That toxicity was illustrated by the fact that, according to Bridge, a few members of the squad celebrated the news of Mourinho’s departure in the gym.

However, Bridge claims five senior players were not among those happy to see Mourinho go – in fact, they were apparently ‘sad’ to him sacked.

Those players are said to be Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Eric Dier and Lucas Moura.

It makes sense that those five weren’t openly positive about Mourinho’s exit, given that all of them were regulars in the team under the Portuguese coach.

Even Dier, who had lost his place in recent months, returned to the line-up just before Mourinho left.



  1. And, I don’t understand what point is being made, so five human beings feel they don’t wish to celebrate some one else, s bad fortune, it just shows good up bringing.
    Doesn’t mean they want to follow him,

  2. How come if I did a rubbish job and got sacked because I didn’t manage to do the things I was employed for and got sweet fa ,and Mourinho does the same and walks away with a eight figure payout how wrong is that.He would have lost at Wembley and achieved nothing but waste money it’s all so wrong.

  3. I’m not sure why we got him in the first place, everywhere he has gone he only stays for no more than 3 seasons and then he gets sacked, and gets a big payout, £60m for failure not bad going


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