A group of Tottenham supporters gathered outside the stadium today to protest against the club’s owners.

Many fans remain angry at ENIC and chairman Daniel Levy following their involvement with plans to join a breakaway European Super League, a move that is now thankfully off the cards.

The Sky Sports cameras turned up at the protest, and the Twitter account Football Daily shared a short compilation of some supporters voicing their concerns.

One said “it’s got to end,” suggesting the current owners should step down. Others criticised the Super League plans and more.

Watch below.



  1. 20 years we’ve had of them not buying quality players, spending as little as possible on the squad, that’s why we’ve won nothing. 20 is far too long, we want ENIC, Levy and Lewis OUT !!!

  2. We will never win a trophy under Levy and Lewis. I have been a fan for 60 years and they are there for the money only and I am pissed off with it. Spend big money on players or fuck off. And your billion pound stadium does not win trophies.

  3. Enough of all this blah blah;it is very simple;just don’t go to matches,stop buying tickets and don’t renew your season tickets.Stop buying official Spurs merchandising.
    I can assure you the board will soon get the message.

  4. Del boy .
    I’ve been saying that same thing for years. Enic in the 20 years of ownership have been a failure. To pay yours 3 million bonus for a , over priced, over run, and over budgeted stadium, says it all to me.
    The decision the board have made in the last few years, proves they are not fit to run office. It will be more of a statement if the fans DID NOT go into that stadium, but stayed outside and protested in the right way. If no Tottenham fan was inside, when they played, that would be the biggest impact.. that 1 billion stadium would empty. So when Levy sits there he would there with all the other money grabbing low lifes.


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