Antonio Conte is tempted by the chance to become Tottenham’s new manager because of his love for London and the Premier League, according to reports in Italy.

The former Chelsea manager is being linked with the vacant managerial post at Spurs after leaving Inter Milan this week, just days after leading the Italian giants to the Serie A title.

Ex-Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is also said to be among the candidates to take over in N17 (via The Athletic), but an update from mainland Europe suggests Conte may fight for the chance to be the Spurs manager.

As relayed by Sport Witness, Italian outlet Gazzetta dello Sport claims Conte is ‘very tempted’ by the Tottenham job because ‘the Premier League and London remained in his heart’.

Conte won the Premier League with Chelsea in his first season in England but was sacked at the end of his second campaign after falling out of the top four.

He has since revived his career at Inter and could now return to these shores, but would he really be interested in Spurs given the fact they are in the Europa Conference League? Time will tell.



  1. I think he took the Chelsea job when they were not in Europe, & that helped them pip us , we did have European football & came 2nd.

  2. This is the man spurs need not poch. For those calling out for poch return you do not understand levy. Conte will push levy hard for the right players he will not bow down to him poch will. Poch has proved in the past with us he is a yes man and does what is told and asked of him. The thing also to remember is the last year to 18 months of poch in the league was very poor. From Christmas till he was sacked nearly a year later we never won a away game in the league. People will point to lack of funding well that is down to poch to demand it. If he could not demand it then why should now be any different. One more thing this squad has changed very very little since poch left these are mostly the same players who stopped trying and remember when poch was sacked we were 14th in the league. Let that sink in. Our defence now is a lot worse that when he left and poch is not strong enough to demand players or money against levy and the board. The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over while expecting different results.
    Poch won nothing in his 5 yrs with us so if top 4 is all you ever want for your very expensive ticket then poch is probably your man just don’t cry when he is not given money or told to sell first before buying. Spurs need a massive rebuild with a very strong manager poch is not that man conte is. Remember poch loved to play dier winks sissoko aurier and there was no plan b.

  3. Spursnut d,

    I wholeheartedly agree with every comment you have made, much as I love Poch he is not our man on this occasion perhaps never.

    All, please heed the warning given by Spursnut d if we accept the return of Poch, I can see us floundering for many years in a football wilderness, we cannot allow this to happen. Conte is our man who will get us the results we desperately crave over a season, in an attempt to get us a trophy or 2. Levy will make him the second-highest-paid manager in the league for the obvious reason Conte gets results!! We all need to wake up and smell the coffee!!

  4. Fuck me if u lot think conte is the right man then we r all 8n for a shit ride over excited man that that will destroy us even more as if levy will bow down to him . In 12 months Joe Lewis will sell anyway and a new owner will want poch back anyway.

    • What is it with poch please explain. He won nothing. He played crap players he bowed down to what levy and the board wanted and in his final year give up leaving us in 14th position in the league. Yes he achieved top four finishes yes he got to a cl final but sorry no cigar. He did what levy and the board wanted little money in with big profits. In the five years with Harry, eriksen, son, moura, llorente, Toby, Jan, walker, Rose and Hugo all in their prime he managed to win nothing. So why would a new manager ever want to bring him back. Look at conte his success at Chelsea his success at inter what is it about success you you are afraid of or dislike so much. He would call levy out on everything he would dump the rubbish in dier, Sanchez, winks, sissoko, lamela, aurier and Doherty. All players poch would keep because he never got rid of them in his five years with us. I just don’t get why you want five more years of dier winks sanchez I really don’t.

  5. Sorry to say it and it pains me to say it but the manager will not be poch and won’t be conte you guys know it will be Martinz so another few years or not winning trophys or even making top 4

    • I don’t know why it pains you. Poch won nothing with us and the squad was better and younger. Poch would face a far harder task now than he did first time around. He just will not take a stand against levy. Look at the year of no purchases in the transfer windows because of no money. No money but yet spurs put 200 million into the stadium build just after that. Yes we needed the stadium but we need a successful team too that wins trophies. Poch never won a trophy because he never put his case strong enough to the board. The only way this club has a chance of ever winning anything is with a manager who won’t accept second best poch for all his efforts in the past is not that man.

  6. Conte left Inter because they would not or could not satisfy his team planning financially.What chance would he have with penny pinching Daniel Levy.A marriage made in hell.He would be gone before Christmas.

    • Will then would poch stand any better chance. A man who has did what he was told first time around. Thats why I am against poch coming back he never got backed the first time so why would this time with a squad that is in worse shape. Poch would not convince Harry to stay because Harry wants success in the form of winning something not top four finishes and loosers medals which is all he got with poch first time around. Conte would not be able to keep Harry either I take the view Harry is gone and good luck to the man he deserves it he owes spurs nothing. I take the view conte would challenge levy on everything push levy on every transfer more than any manager previous. A marriage in hell yes it would be but I would much rather that than poch a second time around. Has anyone asked why some at spurs might want poch back because poch gave the money people what they wanted. Top 4 with the odd shot of glory every four or five years with little outlay money wise.

  7. One has to admire the passion and commitment of Spursnut d who like myself regularly writes in on this site.
    What he says about Pocc is 100% correct, but does anyone truly believe that Levy would let any manager/coach operate with a free hand?Levy rules with a fist of steel and always has the final say.Missing out on Grealish and Bruno Fernandes for the sake of a few Million £ beggars belief,and that is just to name a couple of certain cases. No matter who the manager is, he is sure to fail because of Levy.

    • Look some at spurs if you believe the poch rumours want to repeat the past. Why?. It was cheap it worked it gave them what they wanted and the fans bought into it. Delboy is 1000 % correct in what he says about whoever the new manager is. They will face levy and his determination to have last say in everything. He looks on things or deals as not who is the right one the best one but who can I get that can do the job the cheapest player wise. What can the club make money wise. If he can sign a defender and save millions he is not worried if the defender is the best because he will just blame the manager and move on. The reason I prefer conte is because he is bad ass he calls out chairmen he will expose levy and the board for what they are. That way they either back one of the best managers in the world again or sack him. For me this is why he is the man for the job. It is what it is so you decide which you prefer.


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