Tottenham could make fresh approaches for Mauricio Pochettino and Erik ten Haag after talks with Antonio Conte collapsed, according to the London Evening Standard.

The report, along with many other outlets, claims Conte will not become Spurs’ new manager. The Italian is apparently concerned about a lack of transfer funds, while Tottenham were put off by Conte’s unwillingness to blood young players.

All of which means Tottenham’s search for a new head coach rolls on, and it looks like they will now go back in for previous targets.

The Standard says Spurs could ‘make a final attempt’ to get Pochettino out of Paris Saint-Germain, though it appears the former Tottenham manager could be destined to remain in the French capital because of his contract situation.

Meanwhile, it is believed the Londoners might revive their interest in Ten Hag, who recently signed a contract extension with Ajax but could still be available.

Tottenham are reportedly close (via the Guardian) to appointing Fabio Paratici as director if football, so perhaps he will expedite the process of hiring a new manager. The sooner it happens the better.



  1. Surprised Levy hasn’t decided to give the job to Mason full time- might still do so.
    Cheaper option,no hassles, already in place, knows the club and supports the club.Actually the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.Levy you are losing your touch; this is very worrying.

    • Exactly?, I truly agree with you…actually It really seems like as if we are already out of options when it comes to appointing a new manager, while it’s not because Mason was supposed to be given a chance on this one.He knows everything about the club, he feels everything about being our new manager, he believes in Spurs lads and everyone connected to Tottenham hotspur…

  2. 60 years of supporting Spurs. This is the worst time I’ve experienced. We have a world class stadium and training facilities thanks to Levy, but the pits when it comes to running the football side thanks to Levy. He needs to remove himself from all on field stuff & focus on the off field generation of money. I’m devastated, disallusioned, disheartened, desperate, and in :despair. I feel like watching someone drown but cannot swim to save them. Levy has taken us here & should walk away from the football side. Oh my god, what a shambles

  3. not knowing the ins & outs of running a football club,one should judge the players & manager & not the the owners & directors.what caused Potch to run into an awful run,was it tactics.was it player resentment,was the manager sending an overconfidence message to the team at the beginning of the season.was there a bad apple player
    causing resentment .was taking back an old player causing a different feeling.was there an unofficial player strike?morino was not the answer.should potch asked for help from mind proffessionals to solve the mindset.proffessionally the players were good.what triggered their minds to switch off?

  4. anyone thinking of paying for a season ticket then they must need to see a shrink or take a ice could bath dont get fooled again we are only going one way and its not up

  5. Until Levy is gone we will win nothing we are a laughing stock we get a change to get one of the best managers in the world and what do we do walk away Levy likes a yes man that he can control now he will be looking for a bargain basement manager same old story if we get a couple of world class players just when we get them to there peck we sale them on so what is the point nothing will change until he is gone and we get a owner that knows a bit about football seems like he don’t want to please the fans all he worries about is making more money for himself this is Levy ?

  6. Get Potter in and sell some of the deadwood, re invevest in good defenders, and promote some exciting youth players and you 2ill see the difference. This could also save the Club money COYS

  7. Glad to hear Conte isn’t getting the job, it was going against all that they were looking for in the new manager. Now if they can’t get Poch then they should go for Graham Potter.

  8. Saleem I agree 100% dont keep trotting out the same old names go for a younger innovative manager like we did with poch that didn’t turn out to bad did it it’s the only answer we’re skint gotta try a different route

  9. Potter gets my vote. Ive followed his career since joining ostersunds. He’s a different breed, more akin to Poch..

  10. Whichever coach Spurs bring in, he will fail and be sacked accordingly- not necessarily his fault but that brilliant tactician Daniel Levy will make sure that he appears 100% to blame.
    How do you think that the next coach, being the umpteenth one to be approached will react?Nothing like feeling wanted and the number one choice.Levy you are pathetic and detested, but only an intelligent person would realise that,

  11. What’s wrong with Rafa Benitez
    He has been with the top clubs
    He is a good tactician, saved Newcastle from relegation despite him crying out to the owner for fresh blood and did not get anyone

  12. Two world class managers jobless, Zidane and Conte and another employed but would come back in a heartbeat and we are still looking? I don’t have much time for Levy but he must be playing some sort of upmanship game.

  13. Levy is the problem. Always has been the problem. We have missed out on tremendous players because he is cheap and short sighted.
    Unbelievable, to save a couple million.
    We could’ve had Diaz..player of the year for 50 million. Levy is a clown


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