Tottenham are set to announce Son Heung-min’s contract extension after repaying a huge Bank of England loan, according to The Athletic.

Son’s future has been the source of some speculation in recent months during his best ever goal-scoring season in a Spurs shirt.

The club’s failure to qualify for the Champions League, or even the Europa League, may have led to some fan anxiety as to whether Son would seek European football elsewhere this summer.

But it seems Tottenham have managed to tie down the South Korean.

The Athletic claims Spurs are now in a position to finalise Son’s new long-term contract.

That’s because the Londoners have repaid a £175 million loan by raising money through a Bank of America scheme, meaning they are are now financially stable enough to sanction’s Son’s deal.

Apparently the contract has been virtually agreed since last October, but Tottenham were waiting until after the loan was repaid.

All of which is great news given that Spurs could do without further speculation and rumours on top of all the talk about Harry Kane and a new manager.



  1. I’m really shocked he’s decided to stay given what a shambles the club are at the moment. The club is going nowhere until ENIC/Levy sell up

  2. Levy and co are making our club a laughing stock. Mourhino has to go down as 1 of Tottenhams worst signings, EVER and now we can’t even get a replacement. We have gone through so many managers in the last 20 years and there is 1 common denominator, Daniel Levy. How can someone, make so many appointments and have spent so much on these failing managers, keep Their job?? Agree, the club needs a total clear out, but the club needs someone, a total Football person, to deal with the footballing side of the club and let Levy deal soley with finances. Can’t see us winning anything in the very near future, which is very frustrating and I believe this is the reason why the club can’t bring in top quality players or managers.

  3. All those hyper critical so called spurs fans demanding ENIC sell up and disappear, I have but one question to ask. Who is there out in that big wide world who can step in, buy the club, pay off the huge debts and still have enough cash to put up millions of pounds/dollars/euros for transfer fees the team needs to step up a level???? If there are buyers capable of doing that and more importantly wanting to do that, then why have they not already stepped up to the plate??? We all know for all their faults one thing Lewis and Levy are experts at, is business savvy. And because of that and that alone I feel sure the pair would be more than willing to sell and remove the Albatross called Tottenham Hotspur Football Club from off their backs. So it is pretty obvious there are no super duper sugar daddies out there?? OR ARE THERE???

  4. Daniel levy will continue with the line the club have to be prudent. This man is a billionaire but still although he loves the club yeah right he still takes a massive salary. Build top training facilities, top stadium but fill them with pound land managers or refuse to back the managers with the right players who can take us to winning things. Brilliant levy the billionaire looser. Worst spurs chairman ever.

  5. Until Son has officially signed the contract, I won’t believe it.
    Levy still has time to balls it all up in typical Levy style.
    I thought that Son appeared to be a very clever person, but that is obviously not the case if he is signing on for this joke of a club that we have become.


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