Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has given some significant updates on Tottenham during an appearance on Sky Sports News.

Di Marzio appeared to substantiate reports (via the Telegraph) linking Spurs with a move for former Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo – in fact, he said talks between Tottenham and the the Portuguese coach are now at an advanced stage.

The Sky in Italy journalist said this while talking about the work ethic of Spurs’ new Director of Football, Fabio Paratici.

“He works 24 hours a day. He doesn’t sleep. He’s a machine,” Di Marzio said of Paratici. “Every day with the phone. He started late and so he started with Antonio Conte, because Conte was the first choice, because he knew Conte so it’s normal for him to call Conte for the first time.

“Conte was not convinced to come, not [un]convinced [by] Tottenham [but rather] not convinced to come back [to management] immediately after he left Inter Milan. Then they tried with Fonseca, then Gattuso – a lot of problems.

“But now I think they have [made] a choice – it’s Nuno Espirito Santo. I think that with Nuno the talks are advanced. I cannot say it will be Nuno because when we say it will be Fonseca, it will be Gattuso, something changes. But I think now Nuno could be Tottenham manager.”

If Di Marzio is correct, it sounds like Tottenham could finally be about to end their long, drawn out search for Jose Mourinho’s permanent replacement.

What’s more, Di Marzio went on to suggest a player Nuno and Spurs could attempt to sign once they have had a meeting about transfers.

That player is Sevilla defender Jules Kounde – Di Marzio appears to think a centre-back will be a priority for Tottenham this summer.

Of course, all of the above is just speculation. We all know that ‘advanced talks’ mean nothing when it comes to Tottenham, so let’s wait and see.



  1. A total joke. Nuno has been free for two months so what does that tell you. Spurs are desperate. Nuno was not sixth choice but a club in desperation choice. We sacked Jose to be told by levy the liar the club would appoint a manager who would play football in the spurs way. The club ie the board and levy had lost sight of the fans and the team however when Burnley were letting there fans in for free on the final home game spurs were charging £60 a ticket with stale food for sale for good measure. While levy continues to grow wealth wise his distain for fans grows just as fast. His lies some day may by the grace of God come back to haunt him but I doubt it. His treatment of players is almost as bad and this will be born out in Harry kane one of our own. Harry has given everything for the club and the fans and deserves success as much as hoddle did when he left or bale. I cannot stand levy because he blinds fans with the stadium and the training facilities as how the club has grown but these are only trophies to the owners and will serve them very well when they do sell. Levy for tottenham is on par with Irvine scholar in that the debt we have now far surpasses the debt of scholar but the success of the team is the same. For a business man who has made a billion to take so long to appoint a top class manager and then fail so badly says so much about levy and his understanding of a football team and its fans and what they hold so dear. I can only wish that enic will leave spurs as soon as is possible if not sooner but sadly fans will be paying for the Enic brand of success for many years to come.


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