Nuno Espirito Santo will make it a priority to get the Tottenham squad ‘back into peak physical shape’ during pre-season, according to The Athletic.

The newly-appointed head coach will welcome back the majority of the squad on Monday, while others are still playing at Euro 2020 and the Copa America.

And The Athletic claims fitness will be the first thing on the agenda, something the players are said to be happy about.

The report suggests the squad put their poor performances last season partly down to Jose Mourinho’s neglectful approach to the physical side of things.

But those players not involved at international tournaments have apparently been working on their fitness in recent weeks, and that will continue at the training ground.

Paratici is believed to be in agreement with Nuno when it comes to making fitness a priority, so it’s good to know everybody is signing from the same hymn sheet.

It may also be a good way for Nuno and Paratici to identify players who are not on the same page, potentially putting those members of the squad up for sale.



  1. So it was a fitness issue with Mourinho . The players wanted to run around more in training. Couldn’t do any extra work in the gym could they? They said his sessions were boring /too repetive but so is fitness work. The fact is Mourinho must have won Premier leagues, Champions league with unfit teams if that is his modus operands. What a load of bollocks

  2. It was Mourhino fitness issue that got them to the top of the table by December last year. This people should learn to be honest to themselves.

  3. Lack of effort, poor ball control has nothing to do with fitness. They are professionals and paid a fortune and should be able to adjust to subtle changes in training and tactics. Grow a pair and get on with guys, take some responsibility for the crap results.

  4. Leave Mourinho alone he won many Trophies than all that squad that complaining kane and son not complaining because they both knew what’s the weakness in that dress room so such players will never win anything and gonna become fake sport reporters

  5. Quality, ability and commitment were lacking in huge numbers in the Spurs’ team. Nothing to do with José’s style and physical fitness training. Else, why and how did Kane, Son and a handful of others manage to excel in the midst of all that mediocrity?

  6. Not having won any silverware for a long time, does not mean you can’t start winning. Leave the negative behind. Come on you Spurs!


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