Harry Kane is not close to joining Manchester City, who have still only made one bid for the Tottenham striker, according to Fabrizio Romano.

Rumours swirled on Thursday when The Sun reported that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has agreed to sell Kane to City for £160 million after making a U-turn on their not-for-sale stance.

The story also claimed that Kane is delighted to have agreed terms on a £400,000-a-week contract at the Etihad Stadium.

However, Romano – who is always reliable when it comes to transfers – says City are yet to improve on the £100 million bid they originally made for Kane.

That bid, then, is the most recent and only offer City have made for the England captain, and Romano says Tottenham turned it down.

He adds that the Londoners have denied talk of any new agreement and still want to keep Kane at the club this summer.

Indeed, it looks like the 27-year-old will be going nowhere unless City increase their bid significantly – and there is currently no indication as to whether that will happen.



  1. This charlatan is about as reliable as a fart after a vindaloo. He’s a complete chancer and Twitter aggregator who trawls the internet looking for info and then tries passing it off as his own “inside info”. To think that this 28 yr. old guy who spent a couple of years working at Sky Italia is now the most connected man in world football is utterly laughable. He might get some things right, but don’t be fooled in thinking that that is his own work, he just piggybacks off other people’s info and passes it off as his own.

    I know as an absolute FACT that City haven’t made ANY bids for Kane, let alone one a month or so ago for £100m. Not to mention him claiming that City bid £25m for Nuno Mendes which was turned down by Sporting who want 50m as that is a complete lie too, as City NEVER made any bids, something which has been announced in the last 24 hours or so. We were briefed that we weren’t in the Mendes back in May, right after the Newcastle game, but because Romano wasn’t privy to that info, he wasn’t aware, but then started spouting City were about to sign him for ‘X’ amount. This chancer has absolutely NO SOURCE whatsoever at City, we have also been told not to talk to either him, or anyone connected to him, despite him and his minions constantly trying to contact the club(and I’m told he does the same thing at United too) I also know that he has lifted, verbatim, posts from the transfer section of the City fan forum ‘Bluemoon-mcfc’ and tried passing it off as his own “inside sources”. I wouldn’t trust anything out of this grifter’s mouth, even if he told me the sun was shining, I’d still go stick my head out of the window to check.

  2. Mark Wallace, a sane voice in a sea of bullshit, crap and toss. Won’t hold any weight with the anti Levy mob. If this doesn’t happen all the “usual” voices will be out. If you want utter bullshit, but then denied in the same breath on the same site, go to the boy hotspur and find the wonder of a load of dickless wonders trying desperately to toss each other off. Oh but they’re all right because they have “sources”…..Don’t we all beardy, don’t we all.


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