Tottenham have accepted a £13 million offer for Toby Alderweireld from Qatari club Al-Duhail, according to The Telegraph.

Earlier this month, we relayed a report from The Athletic that suggested Alderweireld had informed Spurs of his desire to leave the club this summer.

There was said to be interest from the player’s former club Ajax and his hometown club Royal Antwerp.

However, it appears Alderweireld could be leaving Europe altogether.

The Telegraph claims a deal has been agreed between Tottenham and Al-Duhail that will see the Londoners receive £13 million for the transfer.

It is believed Spurs did in fact turn down an approach from Royal Antwerp earlier this summer, leaving Alderweireld with no choice but to settle for another destination.

The 32-year-old has two years left on his contract, so a modest fee of £13 million makes sense to an extent.

Some would say, however, that a player who made 35 appearances last season – and is still arguably the club’s best centre-back – shouldn’t be let go.

That said, Tottenham will probably be very active in the transfer window when it comes to the defence in the coming weeks, so Alderweireld will be replaced.



  1. Its unfortunate that Every day we get speculations rather than reality about football players. Its a good thing to sell many of our current players; however it is also dangerous ; incoming players have no time to gel together. Keep Lloris/Sanchez /Dier/Ali/Son//Ndombele/Moura/Hojoberg/Sessengnon/Bergwin//Rodon/Tanganda/Regulon/Eyoma/Davies

    Sell Lamela / Lo Selso/ Alderweld/Clarke/Winks / Kane (Kane has been a jinx for Spurs in the 3 cups finals he played- returned after injury, contributed nothing. Hart( useless) Aurier/Dohety/Cater-Vickers/

    100% Keep Skipp/Divine/Eyoma/Oluwayemi/Sarlett/Fagan-Walcott/White/John/Parrot/Lyons-Foster /Omole/Whiteman

    In coming Gil, Kounde, Vastergaad, Ings Gollini Romero Thuram

  2. Some of whatAnthonysays makes good sense. When he mentioned new players needing to gel it is obvious that some of our existing players didnt gel last season. Who didDier gel with, who did Sanchez gel with, who did Ndombele gel with.
    I agree about Kane he has been holding us back for a couple of years, although a great player the club seems to run around him not the team. Sell and replace with Vlaholic, the balance of his fee pays for all other incoming players.
    Sell Dier Sanchez Winks Aldervirield Aurier Lamela Clarke
    UtiliseTangangaSesseignon Skipp Cirkin Scarlett Parrott etc that came through the ranks. This will build a team with the players we have already got!!

  3. Anthony gives a good suggestion but I rather Ben Davies Eric Dier and Erik lamela to be sold as well
    Lo Celso to be remained
    My main concern is Will Spurs get 3 central Defenders to replace Eric Dier a slower and sancho Davinson careless also Toby Alderwick too old likely to be sold very soon

  4. You’re way off it, with the daftest post I’ve read. I suspect you’re an arsenal fan on a wind up, given away by calling Kane a jinx.

    Toby should stay because we need stability of quality at the back and Toby is far and away our best CB.

    Im a firm believer in Wenger old philosophy of trying not to add more than 3 to 4 players in one window, so going for wholesale change always comes with disruption.

    Last season Spurs needed an advanced playmaker, a sound passing defensive box to box and a left sided CB.

    We’ve since lost Vinicius and Bale but we are getting Dele, Sessegnon and Skipp back.

    I think Sanchez should be sent out on loan as his biggest problem has been his lack of gametime, playing second fiddle to Toby and Jan and resultant panic and mistakes in his game. A loan spell with regular football at the right club could be the making of him as is the case with so many players.

    Dier should never have been first choice centreback under Jose, but that doesnt change that he’s a top utility player, a centre of a back 3 tactical option and a solid third choice option for CB (reality check – no one has 4 top centrebacks because no top centreback wants to be 3rd or 4th choice to 2 others).

    Spurs need Matheus Pereira above all other options, even though I think Bryan Gil is a great little player, I think its inevitable from the way that he players that he will pick up many injuries. Pereira is the player more than any other who will add balance to our attack, bearing in mind that our best attack will feature Son, Kane and Alli and all 3 of those need a playmaker like Pereira to create plenty of chances to show their best. Pereira would also add set pieces and free kick goal threat, that we have lacked in recent years. Teams and players thrive around a top playmaker and they stagnate without one.

    NDombele and Lo Celso are super talented players who should be kept but neither should be a guaranteed starter due to fitness and injury problems, aswell as obvious defensive frailty of both at box to box. Both should be tactical options.

    Aurier, for all the abuse he gets is still our best right back by a distance, and was our top tackler, interceptor, ball recoverer etc etc, even more than Hojbjerg who played more games than Aurier and was our defensive mid. As much as people love to focus on Aurier mistakes, there’s very few right backs around who could come in and improve upon Aurier, and that means we would be committing to making right back a worse problem for at least a few years to come.

  5. To all those who say we were right to dispose of Vertonghen and Toby because of their age, I say look at Chiellini and Bonucci at 36 and 34 for club and country.

    • Well said toby is our best cb yes he’s slowed down but always in tight place at right time the guy is a total melt wearing a mask has ruin his brain not enough oxygen getting in


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