Tottenham are looking into the possibility of signing Fiorentina defender Nikola Milenkovic, according to Sky Sports.

On Friday, we relayed a report from Italian outlet Tuttosport that claimed Spurs face competition from Arsenal to sign Bologna’s Takehiro Tomiyasu, who can play at centre-back or right-back.

Sky Sports also suggests Tottenham are struggling to get a deal for Tomiyasu done – though they do not mention if Arsenal are in for the Japan international.

In any case, Sky Sports’ report says Spurs are now looking at Milenkovic as an alternative to Tomiyasu.

It is believed West Ham United had hoped to sign the 23-year-old Serbian but have been unable to to agree a fee for him, allowing Tottenham to swoop in ahead of their London rivals.

Wolves have also been credited with an interest but it seems Spurs are now in talks to seal a deal.

Sky’s story goes on to say Tottenham want to move Serge Aurier on and are interested in another Fiorentina player, the Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic.

As far as Milenkovic goes, it seems Spurs are definitely interested in bringing in another centre-back but it remains unclear exactly who it will be.



  1. Levy is a complete joke, we’ve been signing Tomiyasu for months, he’s even said he wants to come, a fee of around £16m and Levy won’t pay it. Get these parasites out of our club. Levy and Lewis OUT !!!

    • Tony Borg you are very dull, every single day with the same ill informed nonsense. There is a “website” for you and your kind to bash Levy all day long (you know where it is) why don’t you run along there and play with all the other losers who think they know what goes on at board level.

  2. Parasites? Without them our club would be at best middle of the table which we were for decades before they stumped up the money to improve the team and built “the best stadium in the world” – it has taken time and money to get where we are so be grateful that we have owners that are prepared to spend to improve – they are in it for better or for worse so get with the program and support your team instead of whining

  3. Tony Borg, you are so negative. Every contribution from you, irrespective of the player involved, or the circumstance involved, seems to turn out to be you knocking Daniel Levy, or Joe Lewis, or Spurs in general, or all of the above.
    You must find life as a Spurs supporter so difficult and so depressing. Maybe you should consider switching your allegiance to Man City, or Man United, or Liverpool or Chelsea, or indeed any other team, so that their supporters can get a taste of your wonderful unbiased “support” and give the rest of us Spurs supporters a break.

  4. I’m getting sick of reading all the Levy knockers. We would be Newcastle without him, a mid table or worse club. Some people think there is a divine right to have irresponsible deep pocket owners. Wake up! The game has been ruined by ego owners with Money to burn.

  5. Fed up with Daniel Levy talking too much without sign new player
    If Spurs fail to get other central Defender and midfielder and striker then he must go
    He has no heart in Spurs football as he thinks too much of money

  6. I agree with Victor Harris
    Also if we think about the Kane debacle Levy is holding out for what he’s worth and why shouldn’t he?
    Do you think if Grealish (who can’t start regularly for England) is worth £100m to City surely the England scorer and captain is worth at least another £59m
    Then of course there is Harry himself who seems to think he has a God given right to trophies – I don’t recall him scoring in the finals he had been in and in all three ( ch LG carling and euros) he didn’t look up to it. Maybe he should look at himself instead of blaming the team ?

  7. I read far to many negative comments from Spurs fans, continually blaming Levi and Enic, wanting the club to be sold. As far as I can see Levi is looking long term, in building a good club into a great club, I believe he is Spurs in his heart. So what happens if Spurs are sold ? It would be bought by the men with money, would they be fans of Spurs probably not they would look at Spurs as if it were a cash cow. Spurs were very nearly bankrupted by Irvine Scholar, spending more money than was coming in. It took Alan Sugar to put Spurs back on an even keel, precious little thanks he got for that. Levi and Enic have a plan for Spurs and it has to be done with a good financial base, who has the right to tell anyone how to spend their money ? There is also ffp to consider, get on board guys and support the project.

  8. Spurs just need to do their business early instead of last minute deals as per usual.
    I don’t care about the hierarchy cause it wont change however when it comes to business we handle our monies very well otherwise we would be in more debt.
    Kane can go but we need the cash so we can replace him and move on as time is ticking to the end of the window.


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