Tanguy Ndombele looks set to stay at Tottenham after the club failed to find him a suitable move, according to The Athletic.

Ndombele is yet to feature for Spurs this season, leading to talk of an exit after just two years at the club.

However, with the transfer window set to close on Tuesday evening it now looks like there will not be enough time for the Frenchman to secure a departure.

The Athletic’s report claims Ndombele wanted to join Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich this summer.

But despite attempting to shift him to one of those European giants, Tottenham apparently could not quite agree a loan or swap deal that suited all parties.

And so it looks like Ndombele will have to stay put until January at least, which could mean the club’s record signing will be re-introduced into the first-team picture.

Spurs could certainly do with that being the case – despite three wins from three in the Premier League, the midfield has lacked guile at times.



  1. I’m glad NDombele stats as hes a huge talent and Nuno hasn’t given him any chance to impress.

    Sad that we’ve not brought a playmaker for the 5th consecutive window since Eriksen downed tools, and sadder at how the team is being set out pretty much identical to Jose (bar Dele replacing NDombele which is kind of a positive, except that Dele, NDombele and Lo Celso were all supposed to play in the same starting line up and we’ve never seen that). Nuno like Jose is making all 3 of them compete for a single starting position. That will be acceptable when we win but when we get played off the pitch by teams, fans will wake up to it.

    • Tangy is lazy can’t defend doesn’t try in training n hink he deserves to be first pick that works in french football but not prem get rid of him ASAP he’s spat the dummy out coz auier n mussa r leaving so he’s no friends if he learned English he would have friend it’s all tangys fault

  2. Despite his undoubted talent, you can see that Ndombele is not a midfield player who drives forward consistently, creates chances consistently, defends consistently, or gets into scoring positions consistently. The only thing that appears consistent is his 70% invisibility in games. He ‘lopes’ (slowly) rather than runs and. unlike our great Dembele (who defended the ball in midfield from 2, 3 or 4 opponents, thus making space for his teammates) he holds up any momentum in our play. For a young man, he plays like a 34 year old. Is that laziness? He’s overpaid and seems to have a contemptuous feelings for any criticism. He doesn’t seem to realise that performances, rather than talent/potential/self-belief, gets you into the big clubs! And his attitude is ‘consistently’ poor.
    Jose’ spent so much time on trying to improve both Ndombele’s attitude and fitness, but you can’t keep leading a horse to water and insisting that it drinks.
    This (record) signing has been a disaster for us, and instead of taking us to the next level, or at least back to the level of those fine seasons between 2015 and 2019, he has been divisive and held us back.
    Bulwark’s right. We are crying out for a playmaker in this team. We are awash with defenders, midfielders and forwards, but we NEED another Eriksen, Modric, Gazza or Hodds. I don’t know who thought Ndombele was going to be a ‘fit’ in our team (and a £60m fit at that) but we need to move him on quickly. Not that any top club would like what they’ve seen, or indeed pay much.

    • Where do you do your scouting. The post above got it right. I hope some times you misguided will read other comments before you post. He is an attacking mid that can play some holding duties. When he played at the 10 spot he was excellent until Jose mysteriously drop him to the holding when Locelso came back instead of keeping him in the same spot, because Gio is more active and can handle the deeper role. You all want to keep piling on the criticism on the player, but failed to attribute some of the failures to how players are used. Take Dele Alli, he is a midfielder capable of popping a few goals then all of a sudden he is up there as a striker or whatever Jose and Poch were doing. We are perfect in the win column, but although I have a lot of respect for Skipp and PEH individual talents, the setup is flawed. We cannot keep using 2 holding mids that are not ball retainers and movers. If and when we get behind and need creativity it is going to come to the fore. I personally hope it never happen, but the better we get, teams are going to get leery about coming at us. This is where it gets sticky breaking down teams with 2 holding mids of the same skillset. This will put alot of pressure on Ali and Kane dropping back. We will loose the target upfront and so on. I truly hope this system works, it is the right formation, just need to fix the personnel. Bergwjin or Lucas must start to keep teams honest even if they are not scoring they put a lot of pressure on the defense and they do come back and support the mids when they not pressing.

    • Spot on. One might only add that during the 30% of the time he is visible on the field he is occasionally brilliant, even reminiscent of Pele.

    • Well said bro it’s complete laziness as in french football u don’t have another good player challenging unless u play for PSG he didn’t have that at Lyon so no matter what he played just like capoue he doesn’t want to fight to play total waste of a player full stop real Barca Bayern would of snap our arm of for him if he wasn’t lazy as the talent is in there but he’s too lazy to bring it out


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