Lucas Moura has criticised Tottenham’s tactical approach to Sunday’s embarrassing north London derby defeat.

Spurs were completely outplayed by Arsenal at the Emirates, allowing the hosts to race into a 3-0 half-time lead while struggling to lay a glove on Mikel Arteta’s men.

Son Heung-min managed to pull a goal back in the second half but the game was long over by then, with Nuno Espirito’s team selection and style of play raising plenty of questions.

Tottenham seemed to intentionally bypass their own midfield with a long-ball style of play that simply didn’t work, and Nuno didn’t change things quickly enough.

And now Lucas appears to have condemned his manager’s approach.

“The feeling is very, very bad. We know what it means for the fans, for the club and of course we wanted to win, we wanted a different result,” said the Brazilian (via the London Evening Standard).

“It’s not a time to speak. It’s a time to be quiet and work hard. It was a very bad game, it didn’t work at all.

“I think they took advantage of our mistakes. We gave them too much space. And we didn’t play. We didn’t try to play. We didn’t try to have the ball.

“We have quality to have the ball, to build, to do more than what we did. So many long balls. We were not aggressive enough and they punished us.

“Even 3-0 down, it was not finished. Second half we did different, it was quite [good]. But it was too late, 3-0 from the first half was very difficult to turn over.

“But we tried, we fought until the end but it was not enough we’re not happy and we need to improve.”

Spurs’ approach was concerning but perhaps even more worrying is that the players seem to be publicly disagreeing with Nuno’s tactics.

Maybe this will provoke the Portuguese coach to make meaningful tactical changes, but it also demonstrates a level of disharmony in the group that could grow into something larger.



  1. Absolutely no point playing long balls when Kane is refusing to leave the ground and challenge for headers. Time after time he lost out to Ben White who is not great in the air.

    • I think rather than looking at Harry who has on his own kept us fighting on most fronts you should look at the real problem. That lies with the chairman and the owner who have never invested enough money in the team and have always appointed the wrong people or failed badly at backing them.

  2. Why is Nuno continually starting Davinson and Dier, they looked awful again, why is he not using Rodon and
    Romero, they can’t be as bad as the other two, give them the chance to form a good defensive partnership, every time he has played Rodon looks useful.

    • I agree dier n Sanchez r crap Sanchez trips up just running back n tackles with his eying foot every time can’t tackle can’t header all he has is pace dier is or was a top player but has went right down hill last 3-3.5 years but when u look at him with his size strength ok pace good on ball or used to be good n had a good long shot n good long ball over top for wingers or cf he should be one of the best cb in the game but he’s pis$ poor

  3. Lloris
    Royal tang Romero rodon reg
    I would play kane but he’s doing an erikson so can’t be bothered with it so u until he starts to try he’s dropped if I take my spurs head off I can’t it n understand fully why he’s like this but window is shut now n season started to put it out ur head till nxt window but until then u work hard n do ur best for the team that puts food on ur table my paying ur top grade wages

  4. Midfield is the problem at spurs for the last few seasons , I would keep skipp and get rid of the rest , Dier and Sanchez out also .stop playing the high line
    Revert to a back three , selling Harry Kane would raise the money to create a new young ,hungry ,tough, team that enjoys playing football at a much quicker pace .
    I am a spurs supporter for the last 40 years and our DNA is soft and needs to be changed .This will take time and patience from the fans


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