Spurs could sack Nuno Espirito Santo by the end of Sunday, according to Football Insider.

Less than 24 hours after Tottenham’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester United, their fifth of the season already, the Telegraph revealed that the Portuguese manager was set for crunch talks with Daniel Levy regarding his future.

The Tottenham chairman was reportedly ‘fuming’ following the performance against the Red Devils, in which Spurs failed to register a single attempt on target for the first time in almost eight years since they were thumped 5-0 by Liverpool under Andre Villas Boas.

Matt Law from the Telegraph suggested that sources from the club believe that Nuno’s time in north London is up and it’s a matter of time before he loses his job.

Tottenham have lost three of their previous four matches without scoring and seven of Nuno’s 17 games in the dugout across all competitions.

With that in mind, Football Insider believe that the decision has been made and Nuno could be sacked before the end of Sunday, with Ryan Mason expected to become interim boss for the second time this season.



  1. It’s levy n enic that should go followed by nuno n replaced by chairman n co that wants to win n r ambitious n conte n then hopeful we will have a real good but needs massive boycott not 60 odd thousand turning up to home game

    • Yeah the owners will just get up and go… so tired of reading such crap. Besides, there will always be loyal fans that will still go and support their team regardless – that’s what supporters do.

  2. Levy was fuming was he,well so are the loyal fans who have to put up with his football mis management over the years.They have reduced our club to a laughing stock around the world.Newcastle fans were delighted to finally get shot of Mike Ashley and get their club back.If we could get ENIC,Lewis and Levy out and get owners who will properly invest in the team and support a top manager with a top budget only then will Spurs win something.

    • Completely agree…Levy fuming because the fans are back in the stadium and he has realised we are not the fools he has taken us for over the last couple of years.
      He must think we are a bunch of suckers as per his “mea culpa” letter to the fans a few months ago.
      The arrogance of the man is incredible, but unfortunately he and grandpa joe will not sell the club unless they are offered the money they think its worth, which is who knows what and we the fans can howl at him as much as we want he will not care as he knows there is absolutely nothing we can do.

  3. No doubt that Nuno needs to go, but unfortunately any new coach will be unsuccessful at this club at least under the present owners.
    All talk of Conte is hilarious as he is a clever man who refused to come last summer and for sure will find us an even less attractive proposition today.Come to think of it, can’t think any half decent coach will want to join a sinking ship under the bald headed dictator.

    • Yeah it’s not good, but when players don’t put in the effort which is what is happening right now,what happens you will lose. Nuno should of not been brought in the first place, Harry Kane just love him but he is not leading the team anymore and should be benched, We need Harry Redknap back he has the spurs dna right through his vains.

  4. Since Pottechio sacked by Levy Spurs is really faltering
    Who blame
    It is Levy
    Spurs defenitly needs new 2 strikers one central defender to replace Dier also create midfielder

    • Ray Ray he’s not gay, ray ray he’ll make you pay, ray ray let Ray have his say, ray ray any day, ray ray a ray of sunshine. (I lied, Ray is gay).

  5. How do you get rid of Levy, He and Lewis are Enic with Levy having 30% of the shares. Lewis wont sack him as he sails is 100 million yacht round the Med. The best we can hope for is they decide to sell,

  6. Nuno has to go. No personality, no motivational ability, no tactical nouse, no idea how to manage an aspiring top four team. Huge elephant in the room which is escaping close scrutiny at present is Paratici. Another Levy mis-step. He pushed Nuno into our club. He has a lot to answer for as well. Step up Ryan Mason and see us through until the next appointment.

  7. for me, its all on ENIC, Danny Rose was spot on then banished. when top players are going for 50m plus, Levy is buying 20m players who cannot do the job. what mgr wants to work for Levy who went two windows w/o buying a single player? unheard of.

  8. Nuno is probably forced to play Kane so for a start he’s only got 10 fit willing players on the pitch. That’s not likely to change. Conte will never come to us so who is available that would want to come?

  9. Everyone shouting Enic and levy out!! But who then comes in for them???? Anyone got a spare £100b knocking about?? Look back to sugar and venables days…….. don’t want to go back there thanks. Understand we have lots of issues but don’t just state the obvious, offer a solution….. somebody???? He almost got it right with Poch btw.

  10. Levy haven’t a clue about players .the amount of rubbish he has bought.wastedmillions on rubbish please let me buy the players for the spurs .I can make them great again.for the time being bring back h redknapp

  11. The squad is not good enough whoever the manager is, the recruitment has been abysmal.
    Having not bought in a couple of top players(defenders FFS) is surely a false economy.
    Instead of going down the Carlos van kickaball route would rather see the youngster’s given a chance.COYS

  12. I have stopped watching Tottenham, from the time levy refusing to sell harry Kane. I just had enough.been a supporter

    since school days I am 75 years old now.


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