Jamie O’Hara described Tottenham’s Conference League defeat against Mura as a “disgrace” and called out four players for their performances.

The ex-Spurs midfielder, covering the game for Sky Sports News, said that Matt Doherty, Davinson Sanchez, Tanguy Ndombele and Dele Alli should all be “ashamed” of themselves  and should never be allowed to play for the club again.

O’Hara didn’t pull any punishes when he was discussing the defeat and urged Antonio Conte to “get them out of the club”.

Watch all below.



  1. Well said Jamie.
    Having said that Doherty was outstanding at Wolves and I am sure that I was joined by the vast majority of our fans at being excited by his arrival.
    Alli up to 2018 World Cup was one of the most outstanding talents in Europe wanted by all the biggest clubs.
    I recall N’Dombele running the Lyon midfield in a CL win at Man City in his last season there and thinking what a wonderful talent he was.
    Sanchez,our record signing, was considered at the time an outstanding prospect, expected to be a world class defender.
    What have we done to these players;they have been destroyed at Spurs.
    Bring in Messi,Neymar,Mbappe and Ronaldo and I fear we would transform them into Hackney Marshes players.
    Don’t know what else one could say other than we are a no hope club.

    • Absolutely spot on. We ruin players. How ? Too much interference on a day to day basis by levy. He wants to protect his player investments at the expense of how those same investments perform on the pitch.

  2. I don’t think Allli was ever one of the outstanding talents in Europe. He was overrated and overhyped, the same as Ndombele. It was telling that the top clubs weren’t interested in Ndombele, probably having done their due diligence on him.

  3. Not really a great lot to say, Jamie O’Hara is spot on with his comments but he always has been with his comments in the past but why an ex-pro / pundit can see the Spurs problems and all this blaming Levy is total bollx. Surly the respective managers, Poch and Jose, I would have thought had a big input into Sanchez, Ndombele and Doherty as to what players are brought in and if these turn out duff deals then that’s where the blame lies, not really Levy he’s only the man that has to balance the books and I’ve not always been in agreement with his actions but without his financial control Spurs would’nt be in the position they are.
    Regarding Dele, yes he was an exciting talent but chose to be a play boy, it shows this with his ridiculous current hair style. To be outrageous and different, you have to be at the top of your chosen profession ‘First’, and for the past two seasons he certainly has not. Sorry Dele, Grow up your wasting your talent, take a leaf out of Harry Kane’s book and treat your profession with ‘Respect’, before you end up looking back with Regret.

  4. Spurs biggest problem is buying prospects, not all turn out to be world class like bale and Luka modric… Levy is a chancer it comes back to bite him when prospects don’t matreialise into stars…. Again it’s a boy the books and profits… We nned experince to steady the ship… 100% with Jamie… These guys are useless, a disgrace to the blue and white of London

  5. Well said Jamie….AT LAST somebody with the balls to say how it is and name names…he mentioned 4 that shouldn’t wear a Spurs shirt AGAIN ?…how many could he name in the full squad that are not good enough ?
    I just hope and pray that Conte gives it a bloody good go….but he could decide to say sod this I’m off ?

  6. The biggest surprise us that he only names 4. In our squad of 25 I reckon that at least 10 could leave and we would never miss them. We probably only have 5 that are truly premier level the rest of the 11 that take the field are hopeful squad players at best. We are so inept in creativity and quality at first 11 we just as well give some of the academy stars some exposure until January when we should sign only three to give us a chance to settle them without destroying their confidence. Then a maximum of four next summer, early enough for a full pre season, not the deadline desks that take 12 months to see any value from.

  7. Totally agree with Jamie.

    We could add winks to this list and that’s 5players not worthy of wearing the Tottenham shirt. It’s not mourinho ,Nuno,or Contes fault that they inherited these players.we never replaced the good players we sold.

    Good luck Antonio,and it’s needed.

  8. I definitely blame Levy for a allowing whoever picks what players we buy to waste 50% of it on buying crap ** we should have bought Grealish last season for 70 mill which would have been a good deal considering he went fo 100 mill ???

  9. Money life style and believing their own hype bout how good they supposedly are replaced the passion for football for their club and lack of respect for fans get a fortune for just turning up trouble with spurs half the players don’t appear to turn up at all no fight no passion pity you can’t sack players like you can managers of so half spurs team should get their p45

  10. I actually think the respective managers have have had very little in recruitment. I think Levy has always looked to sign promising wannabees on whom he might sell on for a profit. For all the hype about the stadium etc, Levy has taken us from Champions League finalists to a mid table team in two years. ENIC out!!


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