Harry Kane sends damning message on Twitter following Wolves defeat

Harry Kane sends damning message on Twitter following Wolves defeat



Harry Kane has taken to Twitter to address Tottenham’s “tough” and “disappointing” week following two damaging defeats.

Spurs lost ground in the race for the Champions League after losing 3-2 to Southampton on Wednesday before their week went from bad to worse on Sunday afternoon against Wolves.

Looking to avoid losing three consecutive Premier League games for the second time this season, Antonio Conte’s side found themselves 2-0 down inside 18 minutes. Firstly, Raul Jimenez thumped home after some questionable goalkeeping from Hugo Lloris before the Frenchman and Ben Davies allowed Leander Dendoncker to double Wolves’ advantage.

Kane had Spurs’ best chance midway through the second half and while he was one of a few players to leave the game with any credit, his best efforts were unable to stop Tottenham from slipping to eighth.

It’s now three Premier League defeats in a row for Tottenham, who face a daunting trip to runaway leaders Manchester City next weekend.

Following the Wolves defeat, Kane took to Twitter and said that “no words will make up” for the two results in recent days.


  1. The fans need to be relentless in calling for Levy and Lewis to go. If all fails we need to hit them in the wallet, stop buying merchandise and boycott games while protesting outside.
    Levy, Lewis and ENIC OUT !!

    • What takes us weeks to negotiate for players (Diaz) takes other clubs (Diaz to Liverpool) hours. We will always be the laughing stock club and will never win anything whilst Levy and Enic are in charge.

    • Be relentless then. You say this in all of your comments but what are you doing about it? You are like a broken record. The shops are bursting full; the bars are rammed and fans keep coming and absolutely no protests. Instead of sending your inane comments get off your arse and do something

  2. Agree Tony. Levy and Enic should sell up and leave us poor fans alone, they are not football fans but money men. We will never be a top club with those 2 running (ruining) the club.

    • I have been in the minority over the last 10 years as defended Levy.Now I feel it is time Levy,Lewis and Co put up and back this top class manager or sell to someone who will.

      • In a way I agree with you Colin. These past 10 years have raised my expectations of this club, but at the same time I have been disappointed way too many times (original selling of Bale, Modrick, Eriksen) and then firing of Poch. Some of the player sales could not be avoided I understand that, but so much of this could have been handled by just recruiting better and spending a little money on the squad to improve squad morale and to have kept Poch. All the good will gained over the past decade and been squandered for what I can only see is greed. So yea, a good decade indeed, but the time has come. We need new leadership. Not to get us to the next level per say, but because we’ve seen enough of Levy/Lewis’s same ole same ole.

  3. Not a Levy/Enic fan by any means; quite the opposite.
    But how can we constantly blame them for the fact players just don’t turn up for us.Sanchez,N’Dombele,Sessegnon, Lo Celso,Gill,all arrived with good CVs and much was expected of them.Disaster at Spurs, yet watch them perform when they move on.Lo Celso is brilliant for Argentina.
    Not Levy and his entourage can be blamed for good players not playing for the club.
    Not one person,no coach, no player, no amount of money will succeed at Spurs because they are unmanageable.We just destroy players.Basically as a club, we are finished.Pure facts.

  4. This is proving to me that its not the manager. Its the players we currently have. These past two years we haven’t replaced outgoing players well and the squad just looks downright flakey right now. Our only hope is that all the teams around us keep sputtering as well.


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