Following Tom Huddlestone’s performance in the centre of defence against West Ham, Harry has been telling all and sundry that the big man may be able to save him some bucks in the transfer market.

The Hudd
The Hudd

I wrote recently about how it might be better to muddle through our injury crisis, rather than overloading the squad with central defenders. Whilst I still stand by this, a lot will depend on how long Woodgate and Dawson are out for. There’s also the fact that we start the season, against Fernando Torres. Yikes.

Corluka and Huddlestone are two very gifted players, but one thing that they’re not is fast. So if they faced off against Torres, they’d have to play very deep, which is a dangerous game against a side like Liverpool, who are adept at holding possession and employing a slow and patient build up.

Hopefully Ledley will be able to play against the Scousers. It would mean that he would be unavailable to face Hull in midweek, but Tom should be up to handling that responsibility. I guess we’ll see just how well he can handle things when we take on Hull later this morning.

Every cloud has a silver lining. The most positive aspect of our injury woes, is that it now looks very unlikely that The Hudd will be sold, having been linked with a host of sides this summer. I’m still not convinced that Tom will ever make it with us, but he possesses amazing ability on the ball and should be given another season to prove himself.

There’s few players in the Tottenham squad (or the league as a whole for that matter), who can do something in a match, that will make you purr. Huddlestone falls into this category, but it’s his versatility, rather than his ability, that could keep him at Spurs.



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