As ever we start with the downmarket Sun, who claim that we are ready to spend £10m on Christopher ‘The Man Mountain’ Samba.

The Mirror reports on the antics of Sebastien Bassong, who is clearly trying to force the Barcodes to flog him.

They also bring the news that Jermain Defoe has been nicked for speeding. Bet he was late for meeting some Big Brother contestant.

The Daily Mail speculate over the future for David Bentley, in a somewhat disagreeably gleeful tone.

The Daily Express reports that our magnificent Ledley King, will be fit to face Liverpool. So we just need to sort out who will play against Hull a few days later.



  1. Samba – we looking to sign him as a centre half or centre forward? Wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Arry was looking to play him in goal to be honest, as long as he thought he was getting a deal and a ‘arf.
    The Msg boards seem to suggest the Huntelaar thing is off as well – was always too good to be true I suppose.

  2. To be fair Samba was a real handful as a striker. Not sure that we need options up front though.

    Would be a shame if we didn’t get Huntelaar, when he inevitably starts scoring loads of goals for another team. If it turns out to be Arsenal, it will be devastating.


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