Timothee Atouba ranks right up there amongst Spurs worst left backs of all time. No mean feat when you consider that we’ve fielded the likes of Justin Edinburgh and Paolo Tramezzani in that position.

Apart from a cracking goal against the Barcodes, Atouba did nothing in a Tottenham shirt, except scare the bejesus out of anyone who saw him play. Dribbling past players in your own area, is not what you want to see from your defenders.

Atouba has now been reunited with Martin Jol at Ajax and as these highlights show, he’s lost none of his talent for being rubbish at football. Enjoy the Dutch pundits having a good laugh at him.



  1. I particularly like the fact that amidst the Dutch, you can make out the words ‘Usain Bolt’ when Atouba makes a terrible pass.

    Obviously he was saying something like ‘Even Usain Bolt would struggle to reach this pass’.


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