At the risk of straying into OK magazine territory I bring news from the engagement party of Jermaine Jenas.

Now when I held an engagement party a couple of years ago, the entertainment consisted of me rigging up my ipod to the pub speaker system. The modern footballer does things a bit differently.

When Jenas held a party to celebrate his engagement to his fiancee Ellie Penfold (crikey Chief!) he splashed out for the rapper Nelly to perform.

Jermaine Jenas engagement party

It’s good to see though that Jenas hasn’t totally lost touch with reality and provided some karaoke for his mates to make themselves look stupid. They might not have made much of an impact as a duo against Bolton, but check out Keane and a decidedly ‘tired’ looking Crouchie in action here. Could this herald the dawning of a new Glenn and Chris for the noughties?

Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane



  1. did aaron lennon get invited cos jermaine and him r supposed to be best mates. if he didn’t thats outter order on aaron he is such a sweet guy

  2. Just for the record so its clear…this article should be void because Jermaine Jenas did not pay for Nelly. It was a gift from my brother…Sammy George.


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