Having netted five goals against Wigan, Jermain Defoe has admitted that he had been inspired by watching videos of the Tottenham coach Clive Allen on YouTube.

That was all the motivation that I needed to get searching for Clive’s goals. Unfortunately there wasn’t much in the way of footage from Allen’s Spurs days, despite the fact that he once scored 49 goals in a single season.

So here’s a couple of goals that Clive scored for QPR, his famous shot for Crystal Palace that hit the stanchion and bounced out, and some action from Tottenham’s Littlewoods Cup tie from 1987 against West Ham.

The West Ham video shows highlights of the 1-1 draw at Upton Park, where Allen scored the opener and then the replay, which we won 5-0. Sadly the video cuts out at 3-0 when Clive had only scored one of the three goals he’d get that night.

Sort it out YouTube. If you want to stay at the top of your game as the top internet video provider, then you clearly need some more Clive Allen footage.




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