As frustrating as it might have been at times, this has undoubtedly been a good decade for Tottenham Hotspur. Whilst it’s often felt like a case of taking one step backwards to advance two step forwards, there has at least been a sense of tangible progress.

Along the way there have been some amazing matches and I’ve been been through the archives and picked out six of the best, so that I can leave it to you lot to vote for Tottenham’s greatest match of the last ten years.

There were some tough choices to make. The start of the decade provided slim pickings, but over the last few seasons we’ve been involved in so many memorable matches. The 6-4 victory over Reading came close, as did the 4-4 home draw against Chelsea.

In the end five of the six games I’ve selected, came against our two London rivals, Arsenal and Chelsea. Both clubs have been consistently better than us in recent years, so the occasions that we did bring them back down to earth, meant a lot.

Here’s the games and vote in the poll below to select the greatest match of the noughties.

Tottenham 5 Chelsea 1 – League Cup Semi Final – 2001/02

The greatest result of Glenn Hoddle’s managerial reign at Spurs, as we thrashed Chelsea in the second leg of the League Cup semi, to reach Wembley.

Tottenham 2 Chelsea 1 – Premier League – 2006/07

Spurs finally ended our terrible run of form against Chelsea in the league, as we came from behind to win a thrilling game at White Hart Lane against the reigning Premier League champions.

Tottenham 5 Arsenal 1 – League Cup Semi Final – 2007/08

We reach Wembley in the best way possible, as we beat Arsenal’s kids – Gallas, Fabregas, Silva and Adebayor – 5-1 at home. An amazing atmosphere at the Lane, that I would have enjoyed much more if I hadn’t at the time been suffering from the Norovirus.

Tottenham 2 Chelsea 1 – League Cup Final – 2007/08

Having stuffed the Scum in the semi final, we then went on to beat the lesser-Scum from West London at Wembley. We had to show a lot of character to come from 1-0 down to force the game into extra time, before Jonathan Woodgate sealed victory.

Arsenal 4 Tottenham 4 – Premier League – 2008/09

Bottom of the league and having just sacked our manager, Arsenal must have fancied their chances against us at home. We stunned them with a brilliant goal by Bentley, before they went 3-1 and then 4-2 up. With only a couple of minutes left, we pulled back to force a draw and kick-start the Redknapp revolution.

Tottenham 9 – Wigan 1 – Premier League – 2009/10

The only game I’ve chosen that wasn’t against one of our London rivals, as we beat Wigan 9-1 to record the second biggest win in Premier League history.

Now vote in the poll below.



  1. Another game that should really be in there is a 1-0 win against Manchester United at Old Trafford, with Pedro Mendes netting the winner with a sensational goal from over 40 yards out…

  2. Another game that should really be in there is the win that never was. A 1-0 win against Manchester United at Old Trafford, with Pedro Mendes netting the winner with a sensational goal from over 40 yards out…

  3. Shit. Despite spending the morning pouring through our results of the last ten years, I knew that there would be at least one glaringly obvious omission.

    That was a brilliant match. Let’s face it, it had to be for Paul Staleri to end up getting a song out of it.

  4. I’d probably say the West Ham one as well, however good effort. Of the games you’ve chosen I’d probably put the Chesea (5-1) result above the Arsenal one due to the fact it was full strength opposition.

  5. I actually went for the 4-4 against the Gooners. Not the best Spurs performance out of that list, but the question was “Greatest Match”, and let’s be honest – that one was a doozy.


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