Along with the rest of the Tottenham defence, Heurelho Gomes has now gone 627 minutes without conceding a goal.

The six consecutive clean sheets is our best defensive effort since the 1994/95 season and in terms of minutes without conceding, we are honing in on our record of 690 minutes of ‘nil’, set back in 1970.

Gomes has some way to go before he can come close to the records he set whilst at PSV. In his first season there, Gomes went for 971 minutes without conceding a goal and came close to beating his record in 2006/07, when he went another 956 minutes without having to pick the ball out of his net.

As the English league tends to be a lot more competitive that the Dutch, it’s hard to see him getting near to those numbers at Spurs, but let’s wish him luck. Meanwhile, here’s some footage of Gomes’ wacky exploits in a PSV shirt (warning – may contain images of Jermaine Jenas fluffing a penalty).



  1. I’m really pleased for him ,especially after all the stick he took last season,when he carried the can for the whole teams imperfection,not to mention he was playing with a rib injury for a while,

    Unfortunately though that’s the trouble with being a keeper,one mistake and your a goal down,whereas strikers can miss a open goal and they’ll get another chance to redeem themselves a few minutes later.


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