Hi soccer nuts, Dan Fitch of the Cincinnati Torturer here, reporting on yesterday’s crucial crunch game between the Tottenham Hotspur Hotspurs and the Liverpool Toffeemen.

The match ended in a 2-1 victory for the Hotspurs, with field goals from Pavlyuchenko and Modric for the London outfit, before the Toffeemen replied through Yakubu and almost sent the tie into overtime.

Of course though the game was most noticeable for the substitute appearance of all-American hero Landon Donovan, who jumped out of the sin bin and into a whole world of pain, with an EPIC SOCCER FAIL of truly epic proportions.

A swift Toffeemen offence saw them rebound the ball off Gomes in the Hotspurs goal, to the waiting Donovan. America took a collective slurp of root beer as we waited for Donovan to equalise Robert McCall-style, only for the Californian to completely miss his kick at the goalposts. What a fail!

Donovan was crestfallen at missing a chance that could have guaranteed the Toffeemen a shot at the play offs, but our fellow American soon had his spirits lifted when the lovable Hotspurs crowd began to chant ‘USA, USA’ in a touching display of affection. Those guys have got big hearts. Talk about extending the hand of a special relationship!

Here’s some video replay footage of the ball game, with a highlights package that includes all the goals and all the fails. As a special bonus, we’ve also given ‘ya an extra video of Donovan’s previous most epic fail, while on national duty with the USA Conquerors against the Canada Freedom Fries.

I’ve been Dan Fitch. So long soccer ball fans!

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  1. Dan, there is no overtime in a regular season match, and there is no playoffs at the end of the season. other than that, nice article yank. COYS

  2. donovan nearly squared off this world series match up,in the final quarter,they would only of needed a go ahead goal, but we have a great netkeeper in gomez. awriiiite buddy .go team hotspurs,way to go!


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