Soccer AM might be alright as post-hangover TV, but it’s never been a patch on the greatest football comedy show of them all – Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s Fantasy Football League.

It’s strange that we don’t have a decent football show of this ilk nowadays, especially when you consider that there is so many televisual hours devoted to the beautiful game. Perhaps one day Fantasy Football League will be brought out of retirement, but until then there’s always YouTube.

One of my favourite sections on Fantasy Football was ‘Phoenix From The Flames’, in which Skinner and Baddiel would recreate a famous footballing moment. I’ve been scouring the archives to find footage of some Spurs legends reliving their golden moments.

3. Jimmy Greaves

Tottenham’s legendary goalscorer catches a stray dog during the 1962 World Cup finals.

2. Nayim

Nayim recreates a goal. No prizes for guessing that it’s scored from the halfway line.

1. Ricky Villa

Ricky Villa struggles with the English language as he once again scores a wonder goal against Manchester CIty.

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