10 Professional Tottenham Lookalikes

10 Professional Tottenham Lookalikes


The wife was out for the night and I was ready to take full advantage. Whilst she hit the town with her mates, I was eating takeaway pizza, drinking beer and entering the words ‘Paul Gascoigne’ into Google.

Amongst the search results was a link to a professional Gazza lookalike. Like most lookalikes, he bore no more than a passing resemblance to our hero and the image made me giggle. Then I wondered if there were other people out there earning a living from impersonating Spurs players. I did some more Googling…

Here are the 10 top professional Tottenham lookalikes.

10. Diego Maradona – Carlos Soto

Yes, I know he only played once for us and that was in a testimonial, but I just had to include this image.

Maradonna (Carlos Soto)

9. Gary Lineker AKA Danny Ashton

Jug ears alone do not make a Lineker.

Gary Lineker (Danny Ashton)

8. Edgar Davids AKA Sean Martin

An explanation as to why that bloke who looked like Edgar Davids in Spurs’ midfield, wasn’t as good as we thought he’d be?

Edgar Davids lookalike

7. Terry Venables AKA Ron Hockton

If you want someone to impersonate Terry Venables eating his dinner, then Ron is your man.

Terry Venables (Ron Hockton)

6. Teddy Sheringham AKA Michael Napier

This lookalike would be useful if you wondered what Teddy Sheringham would look like with a hideous tattoo.

Teddy Sheringham (Michael Napier)

5. Judas AKA Jermaine Liburd

Probably doesn’t get many gigs in the N17 or Nottingham area.

Sol Campbell (Jermaine Liburd)

4. Paul Gascoigne AKA John Houlihan

I wonder if John gets much work now that Gazza isn’t chubby and doesn’t have platinum blonde hair?

Paul Gascoigne lookalike

3. Jimmy Greaves AKA Geoffrey Woolfe

Geoffrey must have thought he’d won the lottery when Jimmy Greaves went bald and grew a moustache.

Jimmy Greaves lookalike

2. Peter Crouch AKA Mathew Thomas

I like the way that Mathew decided to get dressed up for this photo-shoot.

Peter Crouch (Mathew Thomas)

1. Glenn Hoddle AKA Richard Bey

How can you be the lookalike of someone when you don’t know how to spell their name? He does look like him though.

Glen Hoddle (Richard Bey


  1. These are terrible….. they look more like pratolikes let a lone lookalikes. Surely a wind up? Teddy Sherringham – looks like poof standing to attention! And terry venables – just a middle aged bloke on holiday.

  2. Corluka and Dr. Luka Kovac from the show ER. They look remarkably similar. When Corluka started playing for us we started referring to him as “guy from ER” so that every time he got forward, “Go on Guy from ER!”

  3. judas….hes no judas cant be bothered with all that shit anymore. but thats actually hoddle right? i’ve got a mate that looks like jd but without the wag!


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