The results of Group E are in and as ever in the WAG World Cup, there’s controversy. Here’s the final league table:

Holland – 51%
Japan – 28%
Denmark – 12%
Cameroon – 8%

The controversy lies in the fact that because the Japanese squad haven’t been able to pull a single woman between them, they had to be represented by some fat sumo wrestler. Rather predictably, you lot voted this big lump over the representatives of Denmark and Cameroon. As we don’t particularly want any blokes wearing nappies in the last 16, Denmark go through with Holland.

There was however, no problem in rounding up four WAGS in Group F, which looks very much like a ‘group of death’. Here are the contenders:

1. Italy – Alena Seredova

Gianluigi Buffon may be out of the World Cup, but his missus Alena Seredova is very much still in the running for the WAG World Cup.

2. Paraguay – Giselle Tavarelli

Giselle is the wife of the Manchester City striker Rogue Santa Cruz.

3. New Zealand – Samantha Powell

A former Miss New Zealand, Samantha Powell is stepping out with the All Whites’ Tony Lochhead.

4. Slovakia – Barbora Lovasova

She might sound like a Bond girl, but Barbora Lovasova is actually the girlfriend of Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel.

Gentlemen, cast your votes:




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