TehTrunk started these Spurs animations and now everyone’s in on the act. This conversation is all too familiar…



  1. I know more about Highbury than you know about your Middlesex Cricket club! The junction yeah because thats up in Anfield what a prick! Any gooner knows what pub we drink in up in scouse land so jog on son.

  2. Sorry bagsy I am not going to the game – like you aren’t, in fact from your knowledge on all things gunners you clearly haven’t even grown out of your school uniform yet.

    I am watching it here;


    The fact you haven’t heard of the place shows your true colours and in fact its you who wants to be part of tottenhams hard man brigade – go there please because there is no room for people like you at are loving club.

    Btw I will have my pink mini parked outside the junction on august 15 😉

  3. Legend says that Arsenal are not a North London team! Never have been, never will be!
    They are 1066, history!
    When did they last win something???????????????