For anyone that’s ever seen Tim Lovejoy on television, heard him on the radio, or read his work, it’s patently obvious that he knows absolutely nothing about football.

This isn’t a crime in itself, unless you’ve been coining a living off the back of the beautiful game for many years. Tim Lovejoy is the sort of nouveau football supporter who stands out as clueless even amongst Chelsea’s band of ‘devotees’.

If you want evidence, check out this entry from Lovejoy’s Twitter feed, that appeared during the recent Champions League draw. It’s not the most uneducated thing that anyone’s ever said about football, but it’s quite probably the most stupid thing written by someone who has presented 6-0-6.



  1. He should have stayed with socceram he will never do better than that show. Even some of his old sidekicks that followed him have gone crawling back to sky.

  2. FFS. He is Chelsea fan yeah. Our rivals yeah? He will want to have a pop at us to wind us up yeah? Like Im sure you had a dig at the chavs when we gave them a football lesson end of season.

    and you fucking rose to it. Which, when you are trying to wind someone up is job achieved.

    Are you new to football? Get used to it.

    • you plum…..

      the original post is targeting the fact that he doesn’t know that english teams cannot be drawn together in the group stages of the champions league…. not the fact that he has only just remembered that we are in it !?!?

  3. The few mates I have who support Chelsea always start their answer when asked who they support with “I have supported them since the 70’s”, even the Chelsea hardcore know that the majority of their supporters are bandwagon wankers.

  4. He knows nothing about football whatsoever-but as he has been up the dirt box of half the Pakistini cricket team he certainly knows a lot about googles.

  5. Chelsea fan. Obviouysly knows nothing about football. They didn’t appear on the football map until 2003. Had abramovich not saved them they wouldn’t exist at all. We can but dream. Cock end chav scum.

  6. Tim hasn’t really moved on from his soccer am style of presenting, if you listen to 606 when he been on It’s clear that he’s way out of his depth, but you really can’t blame him when you consider he Chelsea support -It like asking someone who had fish chips all his life where to get good meal


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