The Daily Mail reports today that we are considering making an improved bid for the teenage striker Romelu Lukaku, having had an offer of £17.5m turned down in the summer.

Lukaku is only 17 years old, but has already scored 25 goals for his club Anderlecht in 58 appearances. He is 6ft 4″ tall and has been hailed as the new Didier Drogba.

It seems a lot of money to offer for such a young player, but his goalscoring credentials can’t be argued with and he has already been capped by Belgium. Taking a gamble at an early stage may be the only way that Spurs could get this player, as he is being courted by some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Here’s the lad in action:



  1. I’d hoped we had put a bid in august for him. Very strong. Infact I think there’s a slight doubt about him being a teenager. But he’s a perfect lone striker. If he comes to us I hope he proves his worth. Time will tell.

    • He does look about 35. A bit like when you play football at school level and face a massive opponent who is meant to be the same age as you, but is sporting a beard.

  2. I would not say no to this guy coming to WHL but the likes of Real, Barcelona will probably beat us to him. He looks class, strong and good with the ball, the sort of player we need and you can see the comparisons to Drogba! It would be awesome to see him in our shirt but as I suspect we will not go the distance needed to get him. Does anyone else think it will be worth breaking the bank for that one special player as I do?

  3. Sadly, competing financially with the likes of Lukaku (prob. Cheatski) and Dzeko (prob. Moneybags) is beyond us. We’ll be lucky to get either Connor Wickham, Lissandro Lopez or Luis Fabiano (if we even need him ?) at our rate …

  4. NO way is this kid 17. I remember being at school with 3 nigerian boys. We were all supposedly 14 but they looked like supermen next to the other kids. Lots of dodgy birth certificates available to buy in africa. I know, I am from South Africa. If you watched the documentry the other noght on BBC about ‘the lost boys’ of African football, the agents admit to doctoring the ages of these boys, making them older or younger in order to get them to a euro club. Look at Kanu, even he doesn’t kow how old he is. When he was at Ajax, supposedly 20, he looked about 26,27. Lokaku looks about 24ish to me. The worry is that how much longer does he have? if he has hit his peak, or peaks in 2/3 years, he will only get worse and more injury prone. Then he will have no resale value. Maybe they should carbon date him to check. If he is genuinely 17, he is a freak of nature. I would like to se hime at the Lane, but am a bit concerned.

  5. To all you non-believers: Romelu Lukaku was born on the 13th of May 1993 in Antwerp, Belgium… I’m sorry lads, but you can’t cheat with birth certificates here in Belgium! So yes spursfan, he truly is a ‘freak of nature’ …


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