TottenhamBlog v Gray v Lawro v Stelling: Fulham

TottenhamBlog v Gray v Lawro v Stelling: Fulham


Despite his silly voice and crap jokes, Mark Lawrenson is really good at this predicting the score business. He correctly picked out the 1-1 draw between Spurs and Chelsea, with Andy Gray also getting a point after predicting a 2-2 draw, leaving the table looking like this:

Mark Lawrenson: 18
TottenhamBlog: 12
Andy Gray: 7
Jeff Stelling: 7

This week everyone predicts a Tottenham win against Fulham, with all of the pundits bravely/stupidly claiming that Spurs will keep a second successive clean sheet.

Andy Gray: Spurs 2 Fulham 0

Mark Lawrenson: Spurs 2 Fulham 0

Jeff Stelling: Spurs 1 Fulham 0

TottenhamBlog: Spurs 3 Fulham 1


  1. “Lawro”s predictions as far as Spurs results go are little better than if someone tossed a coin =heads Spurs win, Tails Spurs lose.I have to admit that he is doing better this season.Last season he did not make even 50%
    He is atlast, beginning to see through the haze, that his affinity with northern clubs has created.

  2. Well… i correctly predicted that the first game where he decides to take Wilson out of the lineup would be when they would lose their streak. VOILA, what an idiotic move by Harry. Say what u want about Pal, the results speak for themselves. Can someone pull a stat for me… Whats Spurs’ record this season with Pal in the starting lineup? HOw many losses? I thought so


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